There is a disease out there that plagues almost everyone. Few, if any, are immune. It wreaks havoc on relationships, careers, and health. It leads to all manner of addictions, depression, extramarital affairs, identity crises, dysfunctional relationships, self-loathing, and overall life dissatisfaction

It’s the Dis-ease of Disconnection.

In a world of distraction where we are all more connected than ever, we are losing our connection to ourselves.

This has caused increased lack of self-trust, self-belief, self-esteem, and self-worth, a disconnection from intuition, true desire, and an inner guidance system, addiction to all manner of distractions, and a constant state of comparison as we see the world through the eyes of social media. It’s like being caught up in a circus that you don’t recall joining.

We’ve lost who we are. We increasingly feel the pressure to be who the world (family, friends, society) wants us to be and begin to see ourselves as they see us. 

We’ve forgotten who we are at our core. This disconnection from our true selves creates a sense of dis-ease in us. 

This has resulted in unfulfilling relationships as our desire for true connection grows while our ability and the ability of others to connect on a deep, intimate, and vulnerable level has diminished.

We become numb, insulating ourselves from feeling the intensity of emotions within us (the dis-ease that is part of life). We stuff them down, dismiss them, or discount them, thus abandoning a part of ourselves that wants to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.

This disconnection also affects our work as we go through the motions while our desire for meaning and purpose in our work gets drowned out by alcohol, food, media, or whatever our distraction of choice may be.

And, of course, it affects our health. Increased stress, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, resentment, and resignation impact our brain, our heart, and our body, leaving us in a low level of operating and at risk for all manner of disease and ill health. 

The crazy thing is we are designed for connection – true connection. We all have an innate longing to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and valued. 

That has to come from within. 

When you seek from others what you must first give yourself, you will always come up empty-handed. Then you will jump back on the carousel of distraction and further disconnection, seeking to escape from yourself, what you are experiencing, and what you feel about that experience –  the dis-ease it created.

You must stop. You must connect with the energy of the moment and all that entails, as scary and uncomfortable as it may be, especially when confronting emotions you have spent your life running from. 

This is the path to true freedom. An invitation to stop running away from, and instead, run toward, you. 

To see yourself with new eyes and to live into a new state of being. 

It will require all of you.

It will feel risky, uncertain, scary even, and at times, uncomfortable as hell. 

And that’s the point – to see the hell you have been so afraid to face is not hell at all but instead an opportunity for redemption. 

The redemptive power of true soul connection is your liberation from the dis-ease of disconnection.

It is the invitation to the life you desire that you have been waiting for. 

The wait is over. 

You are the ringleader. This is your show.