I’ve been studying mindset, how the mind and brain work, consciousness, and productivity for years. I’ve used different tools and methods to work through different areas where I’ve felt stuck.

What I have found at the core of all of these different strategies is you have to trust, believe, and commit to the work fully. You can’t half-ass it and if you don’t trust and believe in the work, you are wasting your time doing the work. You will not see the results or changes you desire if you are simply going through the motions of whatever tool you choose to use to work through your blocks.

The thing with working through our blocks is often we create new blocks. We go down the rabbit hole and get lost. The trick is you have to do the work while staying connected to your spirit, heart, and body because your head will take you down the garden path and leave you in a labyrinth with no exit.

This is what happens a lot with mindset work. We stay in the mind and disconnect from the rest of us and the world. When that happens, we don’t make any progress. Mindset work can easily devolve into a tool that perpetuates stuckness because there’s always more to do. The key is you have to do the work and APPLY it to your life by taking bold and often massively terrifying actions. You have to start being the person that you truly are in real life, not just in your head and imagination. 

I created a simple process that pulls from some of the best mindset techniques I’ve used to move you through being stuck to transformation to creating results quickly. You can use it as many times as necessary throughout the day to keep your mind and actions aligned with your greatest purpose, mission, and vision and the true you.

Here it is:

7 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness

  1. When you notice low energy emotions (discouragement, disappointment, unmotivated, uninspired, irritated, angry, frustrated, etc.), ask yourself, what instigated this? What was the trigger? 
    1. For example – you checked your social media and notice your IG followers are decreasing or the number of likes and engagement is low; your email list is not growing; you got into a disagreement with your partner, friend, colleague, family member; you looked at your bank or credit card statements, you didn’t get what you wanted in some way, etc.)
  2. What are you making this event or situation mean about you?
    1. For example – I’m a loser. No one likes me or my content. My content is crap. I’m a jerk. I’m not good enough to __________. I’m so screwed up, I’ll never be successful. I can’t be trusted to make good decisions with money. 
  3. What is the payoff or benefit of continuing this story?
    1. For example – It is familiar. Suffering and struggle might keep you connected to family patterns and a sense of belonging with that family story. You get to prove you’re not worthy. You get to feel like crap and wallow in despair so you don’t have to take any uncomfortable or scary actions. You get to play the victim and not take full responsibility for your life. 
  4. What happens when you drop this story?
    1. Often you discover that it wasn’t actually a big deal. This might trigger resistance as the ego or your little child inside will say – of course, it was a big deal – don’t you see how much I’ve suffered? This is attachment to being the victim. Who is that part of you? Go back to #3 if you experience this resistance.
  5. What happens when you fully release this story and that old identity?
    1. What is possible in that place of a new story and new identity? Who is that part of you? What are her/his life and business like? What does he/she create? What is the real truth about who you truly are?
  6. Visualize this new story and identity.
    1. Get into the true, felt emotion of what it will feel like when this IS your reality. 
    2. Express gratitude for it already being all that you desire.
    3. Celebrate this new story and identity as if it had already happened.
  7. Take one or more powerful, aligned actions AS this new identity.
    1. Stay awake and alert for hits of intuition and act immediately on them no matter how scary, uncomfortable, or inconvenient.
    2. Do the thing that terrifies you and that propels you into the future you desire.

Do this every time fear, anxiety, worry, negativity, doubt, criticism, or resistance creeps in. You must scrutinize those thoughts, turn them around, and take action from a new state of being. 

What happens when you do is you increase your productivity, confidence, decisiveness, and clarity which moves you forward quickly because you are getting derailed less often and staying down for less time and not just getting back up, but catapulting yourself into your power, truth, and genius.

The more you do this, the more you see, believe, trust, and KNOW what you are truly capable of. And, then? You create all that you desire and beyond. That’s the truth of how powerful you are. 

If you are tired of the old stories and frustrated with your business’ progress and deeply desire growth, impact, freedom, and fun so that your business supports you and the lifestyle you desire, let’s talk

To your greatness,


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