When was the last time you lied – whether straight up lied, or a white lie, or withheld information, or simply said everything was fine when it really wasn’t?

How did you feel afterward? Maybe there was a part of you that was mildly relieved to have avoided some potential conflict but there was still a part of you that didn’t feel quite right. The energy you put out to the world was low vibrational energy –  that of not being willing to speak the truth, no matter what.

No matter what “they” might say. No matter who might not like it. No matter who you think you’ll upset or disappoint. No matter the consequences. No matter what.

The difference is huge and your energy shows it.

When you speak the truth, without agenda, without hesitation, with nothing to prove, just the truth, you free up massive amounts of energy.

Think of the energy that is pent up from thinking you have to act a certain way, can only say certain things, dress a certain way, be a particular way depending on the situation or who you’re with.

You’re always contorting yourself to try and fit other people’s expectations of you or to portray a certain image or maintain a specific perception of you that you want people to have.

You rarely allow yourself to be truly, fully you.

Because what then? What if I upset someone? What if I end up alone? What if…

What if you took all that away? Think of all the energy you would FREE up.

What are all the ways you could use that energy – the things you could create, the problems you could solve, the dreams you could realize?

When you speak the truth, no matter what, there is no proving, modulating, or self-censoring. It is simply the truth, which is you as your highest self. No holding back. No seeking approval or validation. No trying to fit in or conform. You being you in your purest form, everywhere, with everyone.

When you do that, your energy is palpable. You are magnetic. Your presence is powerful because it is free from all societal constraints. You are a clear vessel and your message resonates with the tone of truth attracting your ideal clients, opportunities, and desires.

You hold yourself and your work in high esteem. You know you and your work have value, significance, and impact because it all comes from within you.

Energy mastery is the freeing up of all the energy trapped in your shadow and its lies, relinquishing its hold on you by making it bow down and submit to the truth, and living every area of your life in 100% truth, always, no matter what.

In that place, anything and everything is possible. You are operating at the highest level with ease and the sweet freedom to reach beyond your biggest dreams. And the best part of it all? You get to be YOU.

To being all of you,


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