If you don’t like what you see, change it. You are the one who created it.

Your thinking is based on your beliefs which then shapes your perceptions which then dictates your reality.

As a young woman, I fell into the belief that I had to look a certain way in order to get approval. I started to believe that the way I looked wasn’t good enough, that I was ugly, not thin enough, not fit enough, not attractive enough. The more I believed this, the more I saw this as I looked in the mirror at myself and the more I searched out proof that it was indeed true.  I began to obsess about what I ate and how much I exercised. But it didn’t matter no matter what my body looked like, how little I ate, or how much I exercised, I kept reinforcing instead of disproving those dysfunctional beliefs.  This led to close to a decade of eating disorders, body shame, and low self-esteem.

All of this was created by my own disordered beliefs which fed disordered thinking which then created a disordered reality because disordered beliefs and thinking are really there to limit and constrict you.

While I was going through this, a part of me knew these thoughts and beliefs were destructive yet they had such deep roots that simple awareness wasn’t enough to remove them.

I had to change the way I was seeing and perceiving it. I had to connect with the deepest desire of the transformation of this challenge and what it felt like already being fulfilled. Then I had to live from that space. I had to BE transformed before it actually occurred in order for it to happen. I had to live in that place of unwavering faith, trust, and absolute conviction that the freedom from this self-imposed prison was already mine.

As I did, my beliefs shifted. The anxiety around food, exercise, and body image lifted. My thoughts changed from destructive to supportive. My reality transformed. I no longer abused my body with overeating, over-exercising, or toxic thoughts and beliefs.

I honored and appreciated my body. I fed and moved my body with love, joy,  and pleasure. A huge weight had been lifted. I could breathe. I could think clearly as my mind wasn’t constantly critiquing my body or obsessing about what I ate or how much I needed to exercise.

I created freedom. Freedom to love the skin I was in, no matter what. Freedom to be the fullest expression of me.

This pertains to every area of your life – whether it be your body, your career or business, your finances, or your relationships. Whatever you are choosing to believe in each of those areas is exactly what you will experience. And you will continue to find proof of those beliefs – whether they support you or destroy you.

Because negative beliefs are like weeds. Sometimes you hardly notice them. Then the next thing you know, they have completely taken over your garden.

Tending the garden of your thoughts and beliefs to ensure that only truth grows requires daily, sometimes hourly, maintenance. You must dig the roots out again and again and again until there is nothing left for them to cling to.

This is the work of creating a body and life you love and ultimate freedom – clearing out the old and planting the new over and over until all that remains is the truth.

And, as the saying goes, the truth will indeed set you free.

To freedom,


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