Change your words. Change your world.


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you say? Do you start to critique yourself or do you appreciate yourself?


It matters.


If your wiring is set on a default of criticism and negativity, you will meet with resistance when you start to make changes that don’t align with this old system.


This is when you have to tools to support you in breaking through that resistance so you don’t fall back into old habits and patterns.


Mirror work is one of the best ways to start to reprogram your thoughts. How you see yourself and what you think and believe about yourself affects how you show up and how people see and perceive you.


Today, take two minutes to look in the mirror. As you look in the mirror, look into one eye and then the other. As you look in one eye, declare 10 powerful, positive “I am” statement out loud. Now, shift it to “You are” using more powerful, positive statements. Then, express gratitude for everything you have in your life – your eyes, your ears, your nose, your hands (everything that allows you to experience the world through your senses), your mind, your family, your health, your home, your work (keep going). Then, end the session by again looking into one eye and then the other and state “I love you” eight times. Do this every day while you are brushing your teeth or getting ready or washing your hands. Consistency is key. This simple practice will absolutely transform you.


Once you start to see yourself as the magnificent, brilliant, and amazing person that you are, the world will respond in kind.


It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to let go of that old identity and the role you’ve been playing that no longer serves you. It’s time for a new story. You can begin creating that new story by embodying the role of the unstoppable main character who lives their life as an incredible adventure unfolding each day.


Are you ready to get unstuck and reach new levels of success, income, and satisfaction?

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On the road to awesome – want to join me?


I am excited to announce that I am offering a new way to work with me. My mission is to help as many people break out of their ruts to obtain the freedom, financial success, and fulfillment they desire.

Why? When you are living in alignment with your desires, you create a world of possibilities – not only for yourself, but also for everyone with whom you interact. You become magnetic.


2 ½ hour VIP deep dive session.

  • Clarify what you really want
  • Uncover and remove the blocks that are preventing you from having it
  • Create your 30-day progress plan so that you are taking aligned actions each day to have the life and work you desire

Includes three weeks of support via email, voice message and IM to serve as your check-in and guide as you implement your 30-day plan and incredible tools and resources – PDFs, audio meditations, and videos.

Investment: $497


Why me?


Let me tell you a story…


I hired my first coach in 2010. I was unhappy in my job and knew I was meant to be living a bigger version of me and doing work that was a truer expression of me. Through working with that coach, I came to the decision to quit my job, rent my house, and move to Villahermosa, Mexico to teach at an international school.

That one decision led to a journey that began in Villahermosa, ventured through all of Central America and found me living and working in San Jose, Costa Rica for close to two years before returning to live in Denver, Colorado. Of course, the journey had many twists and turns that I could never have anticipated. While some were devastating and others positive, each was life-altering in its own way. Each shaped the person I am today.

I completed my coaching certification because I wanted to serve as that guide for people who were wrestling with discontent and facing the hard questions of what they wanted their life to be about.

One of the most powerful reminders from the Business Mastery workshop I attended this weekend was this: You are the only problem you have and you are the only solution.


The success that you desire is YOURS. Let me help you get it.


To dreaming big and owning your greatness,



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