Last night, at the close of the Business Breakthrough Mastery workshop I was attending, everyone had the opportunity to write down what had been stopping them from progressions or having the success they desired The lies and limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns that had been operating in their lives for many, many years. They wrote this down on a piece of board. On the other side, they wrote what would be the breakthrough as they released these limiting beliefs – what was their new truth, their real truth.


One of the presenters is a 7th-degree black belt in martial arts. He talked about how you could break this board with a punch with the palm of your hand. His instructions were clear – you had to think about going through the board – you aren’t punching the board, you are punching through to the other side of the board. You had to visualize not getting TO the board, but THROUGH it. The same is required for a breakthrough in our thought patterns.


Each person had the chance to stand in front of the crowd, speak their name into a microphone and share their limiting beliefs and breakthrough.


One after one, I kept hearing the same things. I don’t have the right education or training, I suck. I can’t do it. I don’t have enough money. I’m not smart enough.I am afraid of success. I’m afraid of letting people down. The one limiting belief that the majority of people said, either explicitly or implicitly by the other things they shared: I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy.


It struck me how prevalent this lie was. I was in a room with 100 successful entrepreneurs and almost all of them had this core belief that they weren’t good enough or deserving of success.


This lie is insidious. It’s like a virus. It infects you and then you realize everyone else is infected too. The vaccine for this sickness is truth. Your powerful truth. The truth that you are here for a reason. You are here to do great things with great love. You are here to become the person you have always been destined to be – a person of great conviction in their dreams, a deep desire to use their gifts in the service of others, and the belief that they can change the world. Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini yoga master, says, “Happiness is your birthright.”


You are not here just to struggle and suffer. This does not prove your worth. You are inherently worthy. You are here to give and receive love, to let that love propel you forward, and to recognize that you ARE love.  


Here is an activity you can do today.


On a sheet of paper, write down all the limiting beliefs and lies and bad habits that have prevented you from having the success you desire – in your career, your relationships, and your health.


Read it over. After you read each statement or phrase, denounce it. “That belief is no longer mine. I release it. I forgive myself and anyone else who may have contributed to this belief. I am free.”


Then, in a contained space – a metal trash can or bucket or patio – set the paper on fire. As it burns, embody the sensation of release.


Now, on a new sheet of paper, write down all the beliefs that would support you in having everything that you desire. What beliefs would feel like a breakthrough for you? Write them down. Use positive, present tense and I am statements.


Now, tell me, what would be your biggest breakthrough, friend?


I can help you with that.    (


I have learned so much already in this workshop and it’s only been one day. I want to take everything I’ve learned to help you get unstuck and breakthrough to a whole new level of success in your business and life.

Stay tuned for a special offer coming your way on Monday!


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Believing in your breakthrough,



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