Are you tired of being in a state of confusion, over-analysis and overwhelm? Especially now that 2018 is so close you can almost taste it? Oh, the pressure! 


Well, never fear! I have just the thing to get rid of that pressure, allow you to have some fun, and set yourself up for an amazing 2018.


I created an exercise for you to use when you are seeking guidance on a big decision. This could be next steps in your business or career, your health, your relationship or some other important area of your life, You can also use it for your big dream for 2018.


It starts with the idea, a burning desire, connected to a powerful vision. From there, you must take actions that align with that vision. And, you must measure your results to ensure you are getting closer to what you want. But you can’t skip the first part. That is the most important as your vision is what will drive you to keep going.


Here are ten questions to guide you to a vision that will serve as your North Star. Following the questions, I walk you through two examples.


  1. What do you most desire in the coming year?
  2. What is your stated intention? (use a positive, present tense statement).
  3. What are your hidden intentions? (Limiting beliefs and fears, that prevent you from taking action toward your desire.)
  4. Is this desire strong enough that you are willing to be uncomfortable in order to get it? What comforts are you willing to give up in order to have this desire?
  5. Are you clear what actions you need to take to achieve this desire? What are they?
  6. How committed are you to achieving this desire?
  7. How will you know if you have achieved it? What are you measuring? What is your timeline?
  8. When you don’t feel like it, what do you have in place to support you in completing the action that will lead you closer to your desire?
  9. When you imagine yourself having achieved this desire and are living the life you dream of, what does that vision look like? What do you look like? How does it feel?
  10. Does that vision connect with you on a deep enough level to incite consistent action?



  1. Strong desire:
    1. I most desire improved health.
    2. I most desire to grow my business.
  2. My stated intention is:
    1. to lose 10 pounds and to gain strength.
    2. to increase my sales to $9000/month.
  3. My hidden intentions are:
    1. I don’t want to give up good food. I don’t want to have to deprive myself when I go out with friends. I don’t want to have to work out when I’m tired. I’ve always been a bit overweight. I’m scared I’ll get unwanted attention if I lose weight.
    2. I don’t want to work 60+ hours a week. I am afraid of rejection. I’m scared people will judge me if I make a lot of money.
  4. I am willing to give up:
    1. sugary sweets and replace them with fruit or tea. I am willing to tell people I am focusing on my health and will be eating differently when we go out. I am willing to give up alcohol.
    2. distractions such as social media and the news. I am willing to put myself out there and risk rejection. I am willing to limit how much I watch Netflix.
  5. The actions I need to take are:
    1. to exercise for at least 30 minutes five days a week. I will also replace sweets and unhealthy foods with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein.
    2. to reach out to ten people a week. I need to consistently be inviting people to get on the phone with me. I also need to work in time blocks so I am more effective and efficient.
  6. Commitment level:
    1. I am 110% committed. I am done hiding. I am ready to be healthy, energetic, and to feel great in my own skin.
    2. I am 150% ready to be successful, make great money, and love my life.
  7. Measurement:
    1. I am measuring how many pounds I’ve lost each week, how much time I have exercised, how many days I exercised, and how I have eaten each day. My timeline is six weeks.  
    2. I am measuring how many people I have reached out to, either by phone, email, or networking. I am measuring how many sales calls and how many completed sales I’ve made. My timeline is eight weeks.
  8. Preparation for resistance and/or obstacles:
    1. I will set my clothes out the night before. I will also ask a friend to meet me to work out at least three times a week.
    2. I will ask a friend to be my accountability partner and schedule a call with her every week to check my progress.
  9. I imagine:
    1. When I imagine being at my perfect weight, feeling healthy and energetic, I see myself smiling. I feel light, free, and full of possibility. I see myself going on a beach vacation and feeling confident in my bathing suit and enjoying the sand, the sun, and the sea. I am not worried about how I look and am able to appreciate everything around me fully, I feel excited and peaceful at the same time.
    2. When I imagine having consistent $9k months, I see myself smiling and laughing. I feel confident, purposeful, and passionate. I see myself having a bigger impact on others than I ever have before. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation.  I see myself being a role model to my friends and family.
  10. Compelling vision:
    1. I need to add more emotion and celebration to this vision. I see myself wearing a beautiful dress, dancing, laughing and enjoying myself. Now that I am not obsessing about my weight, I have so much more time to play, create, and dream than ever before. I have energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. I am inspiring others.
    2. I need to imagine this vision with more details to make it more compelling. I am traveling outside of the US three to four times a year.  I am leading retreats and workshops in beautiful and inspiring locations. I work with incredible clients. I have a community of powerful entrepreneurs that I connect with each week. My work is helping hundreds of people. I am humbled and honored that I get to do this work, have this impact, and live this life.

For your compelling vision, KEEP GOING. Make it come alive – bring emotions, all your senses (I feel the wind and sun on my face. As I jump in the cool, ocean water, I feel exhilarated.  …. keep going….. you can listen to this guided visualization to help you.)

Now it’s your turn. Allow yourself to tap into your deepest desire as you contemplate the coming new year. Engage your imagination, your emotions, and all your senses to create a vision that pulls you forward. Then, set up actions and measurements to turn that desire into a reality.


This is your life. This is your time. It’s time to elevate it.


I’d love to hear what it is you most desire for 2018. Let me know and I’ll share a tip or tool to deepen your vision and actions. Even better, let’s chat! Schedule a time for us to elevate your vision and actions here.


Here’s to an incredible 2018,



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