How do you like to complete the year? Do you have a ritual that helps you acknowledge all that you achieved, created, and experienced in 2017?


Assessing what you have accomplished is important. We are quick to disregard how far we have come as we continue to focus on how far we still want to go. But, not taking time to celebrate the wins, changes, and successes negates their power.


It is the idea of what you appreciate, appreciates. The more you express gratitude for the different parts of 2017,  the more you signal to the universe that you are ready for more of that good stuff.


While it is important to have a powerful vision for where you are heading, it is equally important to honor how far you have come.


You can create a ceremony to help you appreciate and release 2017 while creating your most powerful vision for 2018.


You can try this:

Give yourself 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time. You can play your favorite music, put on comfortable clothes, and relax.


Start by bringing your awareness to your breath. Allow yourself to get centered and bring your presence to that moment. Acknowledge yourself for dedicating time to honor 2017 and to create a powerful 2018.


Review each month of this year and find the shifts, changes, and experiences that stood out from that month. You can jot them down.


Now, think in terms of career/work, family/relationships, social/fun, and health. Answer the following questions mindfully and thougtfully. 


What did I do that surprised me?

What did I do that challenged me?

What did I do that I loved?

Where did I shift how I think, see myself, and act?

What were my boldest actions? What was the result of those actions?

How am I different now than I was in January of 2017?

What do I want to celebrate?

As I look over 2017, how does the year reflect my values and priorities? What do I need to shift for 2018?

As I look ahead to 2018, how do I want to be in three months?

If I imagine doing this exercise in December 2018, what do I want to have achieved in 2018? What would be amazing to celebrate? How do I want to have grown?



Spend five minutes in visualization to activate your imagination. Don’t let your rational mind run the show. Your rational mind does well with immediate decisions, not with planning big dreams.


Allow yourself to explore your biggest dreams and desires. Then, start small.


What would be fun, fulfilling, and contribute most to my happiness and desired income for 2018?

What do I most desire for 2018? Why? How will my life be different? How will I be different? What am I committed to doing to make that happen?

How do I need to think, be, and act for that desire to be realized?

How will I feel once that desire is manifested?

What can I do right now to feel that way? To step into being that person today?


This is power in aligning your thoughts and actions with your vision. You have to start with a vision that inspires you to take action – a vision that is connected to your big ‘why.’  Commit to your highest vision, connect with your heart and soul, then allow your head to tackle the decisions.


You have come further than you realize. Honor and celebrate that. Use that as fuel to propel you into an even more rich and powerful 2018. It is going to be amazing.


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To creating an incredible 2018,





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