The allure of busyness and overwork. It makes you feel important and productive, doesn’t it? However, while it looks like you are progressing, you are often merely distracting yourself. Being busy and overworking has a level of comfort, safety, and security in it. But if you are merely working without a connection to your vision and mission, you won’t progress in the way that you want. You can work long hours, hustle, and grind, but not see the results you desire.


What’s missing?


The inner game.


You are often operating with beliefs that hold you back. You think they are facts or truth when in reality they are merely beliefs you’ve carried on from your parents or other family members or that you picked up from society and took on as your own.


If you are feeling stuck and wondering why your business isn’t going as you would like despite the endless hours you work on it,  it’s time to get to work on your inner game.


Steps to start winning the inner game:


  1. Challenge your default beliefs.
    1. Ask yourself, Whose beliefs are these?
    2. Where do these beliefs come from?
    3. Find evidence to disprove these beliefs. For example, if you have a belief that you have to be a workaholic to make a lot of money, find proof of people making great money without working 60-70+ hours a week.
  2. Choose a new belief to implant.
    1. What belief can you establish to take the place of your old, limiting belief? In using the above example, you can choose to believe that you can make great money while working 40 or fewer hours a week.
  3. Practice positive, powerful affirmations.
    1. It is not a one and done deal. You have to consistently practice making these new beliefs your new defaults. Throughout the day, when the old beliefs sneak in, immediately acknowledge them, release them, and replace them with an affirmation that gets you into a place of possibility and creativity.
  4. Act in accordance with your new beliefs.
    1. It is not as simple as reciting affirmations. You MUST take actions that reflect your new beliefs. This could mean you make a commitment to stop working every day at 4 pm.
    2. Choose an action that aligns with your new belief.
  5. Choose to BE the person with this new belief now.
    1. If you believe you will feel more free, abundant, happy (or fill in the blank) once your business is thriving or your relationship is amazing or your body is rocking or your bank account is overflowing, you are delaying all of those things from coming to you.
    2. FEEL those feelings NOW. What does it feel like to have a thriving business? An incredible relationship? A rocking body? An overflowing bank account? Choose to embody those feelings NOW. Connect with that feeling then step into it fully.


Practice these five steps EVERY day. Retraining our brain takes commitment. Imagine you are telling someone to take an old dirt road, full of huge ditches, fallen trees, and deep river crossings instead of the superhighway that is smooth, quick, and easy. Your default patterns will always choose the path of least resistance  – the superhighway – so it takes work to train them to start to make the dirt road into the new superhighway. Be patient and persistent.


The inner game is worth the work. It will take you much further than you ever imagined.


What new belief will you implant today?


Are you ready to master your inner game? Book your breakthrough session with me today.


Believing in you,



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