In improv comedy, especially as a novice, it can be scary. You want me to go on stage with nothing rehearsed or prepared and just make something up? That’s ridiculous.

Yes, that is exactly what I want you to do.


In business – You want me to start reaching out to people and attracting clients, even though I don’t feel ready? Yes, that is exactly what you need to do.


Granted, in improv, if you have taken classes, you have studied different aspects of improv acting: being present, supporting your fellow players by using “Yes, and”, staying curious and open to what unfolds, suspending judgment, and taking bold actions. Not to say that makes it any easier but it’s something.


The same is true in business: you’ve taken courses, attended workshops and seminars, read books, etc. Again, this helps but putting yourself out there can still be scary,


Many of the strategies taught in improv are also necessary for running a business: remaining curious with a desire to continue learning, staying present and not getting caught up in all the unknown variables, easing your judgment of yourself and your progress, and absolutely taking bold actions.


The other similarity between improv and running a business is that often, no matter how much you may have practiced and studied, it can still be nerve-wracking AND you still have to show up no matter what. On stage, someone has to make the first move, whether they have an idea or not. The same is true in business. You can keep yourself out of the game for an inordinate amount of time by believing you need to know this or that first or take this or that course.


Learning never stops but you need to still run your business WHILE you’re learning. You have to trust you will figure out exactly what you need to know as you go. That is exactly what happens on stage – you get out there, you have no idea what will happen, but you are open to figuring it out because, without a willingness to get out there, there is no show.


And, as you know, the show must go on. You get to decide if you want to be in it or not,


To recap, embrace the nature of improvisation in your business. Be willing to take bold moves and trust you will figure it out as you go. The important thing is ACTION. Keep showing up, even when you feel scared and unprepared. Above all, please suspend your judgment. Show up, discover something new, try it out. Step into the character you want to be, the role you want to play, and allow yourself to experience a new depth of feeling, a heightened level of awareness, and a touch of courage.


Tell me, friend, what is one thing you will do today to apply improv to your business or career (or life!)?


Life is your stage. You are the main character. You get to decide what role you want to play. Are you ready to get out there?


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