Spoiler alert: Money won’t save you.


Let’s face it, money is often a very charged topic. A lot of it comes down to our beliefs about money and our relationship with money.


To begin, consider this question:


Do you view money as the savior or as the friend and ally?


When you view money as the savior, you give money all the power. Money is in control of your circumstances, your feelings, and your sense of worth.


When you view money as a friend and ally, you put yourself on equal ground with money. Money is seen as a tool and a resource but you retain your power and control,


Our relationship with money can be complicated. If you give it all your power, no amount of money will ever be enough. Just like when you’re in a codependent relationship, no amount of love is ever enough. Both of these situations are toxic and ultimately, dissatisfying.


I get that not having enough money is stressful YET the fact that you place all your attention on the fact that you don’t have enough only serves to perpetuate the cycle of scarcity and stress. This is when you have to call upon your internal resolve to do something different. What does that mean?


  1. Get creative (and resourceful). Write out 50 ways money can come to you. AND 50 ways you could bring in a certain amount of money by a certain date.
  2. Get grateful. Throughout the day, express gratitude for all the different aspects of your life.
  3. Get to work (on your mind, that is.) If you don’t have a mindset practice, start one. Anytime you go into scarcity land, interrupt that thought with an action. It could be a clap or jumping up and down or turning around. Then deposit thoughts of prosperity and remind yourself you are supported in all that you do.


Implement these practices into your daily routine. Start and end your day with a gratitude list. Any time you pay a bill, send out thanks for the service you are paying for (whether that be a credit card bill or a utility bill or a house payment). Every day, tell yourself, I am open to receiving money in new ways and in a variety of forms. Make positive expectation (without attachment) your new norm.


Bring money back into its rightful place alongside side you. Treat it like a good friend. Trust when it leaves it will come back. Be appreciative of it. Express thanks for what it provides access to and what it allows you to do. But, know, it will not solve your problems. It may ease some burdens but only you can create the solution you desire.


Once you own your money game, you open yourself up to receive even more money, opportunities, people, and resources. That is true abundance. It starts within.


Tap into your power. Release the hold money has over you. Acknowledge the abundance all around you. Declare your new truth about money. Right now:

It is my right to be rich, Money comes to me freely, effortlessly, and copiously. (Keep going!)


Release any beliefs that are not yours and that no longer serve you.(Here is a meditation for this.) Claim your new truth. Celebrate your new-found freedom.


True freedom starts in your mind. You get to choose every day whether you will give your power away or keep it and use it in the fulfillment of your mission here on earth.


What will you do today to transform your relationship with money? What can you do reclaim your power?


Beliving in you and your power,




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