The very first resource I created in my coaching business was a 21-day guide to experiments and explorations designed to renew your spirit, rekindle your wonder, and rejuvenate your joy. I loved it. I believe when we prioritize our own restoration, rest, reflection and rejuvenation, our health, our relationships, and our business improve. It always begins within. When you take care of the inside, that is reflected on the outside.


Creating daily practices has been fundamental to my own path in entrepreneurship and in growth and healing. I had to learn to honor my whole self instead of compartmentalizing the different parts of me.  Daily practices helped me do that. They also help me connect to a deeper purpose. There is a unique contribution that each of us is here to make. It’s easy to lose sight of that in the hustle and bustle of life.


That is another reason daily practices and rituals are so important. They help you stay grounded in your work, your mission, your values and priorities so you aren’t caught up in the next shiny object and stricken with comparison-itis. It takes persistence and a commitment to you, your best you.


I see too many people simply going through the motions of life. Get up, go to work, go home, attend to responsibilities, go to bed. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. They have lost their connection to themselves, their soul, their craft, their love.


I know because I’ve been there. I became zombie-like in my previous career. I knew something was missing. I knew there was more to life than going through the day to day and living a life of quiet desperation. What I didn’t realize was how much I had disconnected from myself. This is all too common – we disconnect from ourselves to dull the pain; we distract ourselves from that gnawing feeling, that tugging of our heart for something greater. We ignore the calling of the soul because it’s scary. It’s uncertain. It even feels a bit crazy. We want data, facts, proof, not an inclination or intuition. We are taught not to trust that. We seek out evidence instead.


The secret is your intuition will never lead you astray. It will lead you exactly where you need to be. It’s not easy. But any worthwhile endeavor is worth the work. You uncovering your soul’s longings, your heart’s stirrings, the work you are here to do because no one else can, that is worth it.


This is what daily practices help you do – connect with you on a deeper level. They bring you back into alignment – your mind, your craft, your body, your soul, your love.


In my work with clients, a key element of our work together is helping them design their own daily practices so that they are creating a business and life that aligns with their highest vision and mission. This is a piece that is often overlooked with singularly focused business strategists. I believe your business needs soul and it needs to be sustainable. If not, what’s the point? Your business can be designed to light you up instead of allowing it to begin to steal your soul, which happens all too often. When that happens, you lose sight of why you started your business and where you’re going. You lose the joy. It becomes drudgery instead of desire-driven. You’re headed toward burnout and exhaustion. This is not the recipe for success.


There is another way. A way that is soul-driven and life-giving. That’s my mission. To help impact entrepreneurs build and grow their business in a way that is an authentic reflection of who they are.


How you do life is how you do business.


If you’re ready to clarify you, feed your desire and fuel your determination to achieve your dream, apply for the Dream Desire Determination Mastermind Program. Refine your mission and vision, create your unique daily practices, design your strategy for accelerated growth, build a supportive community, and propel your business and yourself forward into soul-driven, sustainable success.

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