When things aren’t going as well as you would like, you have two choices.


1 – Keep focusing on all that is not going well. Beat yourself up for it. Question what you are doing, why it isn’t working, and what’s wrong with you.

How do you feel when you do that? Do these actions help the situation?


2- Find slivers of what is going well amongst whatever is not going well. Amplify those things. Express gratitude for those moments throughout the day that reflect your ideal life. Ask yourself, what am I enjoying right now? What IS going well right now?

How do you feel when you do this? How does shifting your focus help you? What changes when you change what you focus on?


You have this choice every day. Are you going to feed fear and negativity or are you going to feed love and faith? Which of these will bear the better crop? Which of these will help you continue to move forward?


When you are working towards a life you desire, the gremlins will come out and taunt you. Don’t feed them! That only turns them into monsters. You can acknowledge them, thank them for trying to protect you, tell them you don’t need them and then release their hold on you.


I know it is hard to not think about what’s not working when things aren’t going well – it’s all we want to focus on. This is when you have to practice playing the part. What would you do if things were going well? How would you be in that space? That is what you have to step into NOW. The more you act from the place of already being there, the more you will attract the right people and opportunities to you that will get you there faster. It’s counterintuitive, which is why it takes consistent practice.


It’s like anything you want to improve – you can’t only do it once and think it will get better. You must practice every day to reinforce new thought patterns and behaviors.


Today, practice acting the part. Be the person you desire to be as if everything was working out exactly as you desired. Show up as that person. Step into your power. Own the part you want to play.


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