How do you manage your day? Or does your day manage you? 


I’ve shared with you before suggestions for starting your day intentionally. You can read about it here for a refresher.


Sometimes, even when you start your day off right, the day can get away from you. You notice at the end of the day that you didn’t complete as much as you had hoped. Even worse, you notice the things that would actually help advance you and your business got pushed aside.


Often those things that will bring you to the next level are the exact things that you avoid doing.


I made a daily checklist for you to help you stay on track with what will bring you closer to your desired income and goals as well as a state of satisfaction and happiness.


There are several components to the checklist in addition to these things.


One of the most vital aspects of your success is knowing WHY you want what you want. Why are you going after it? What is the big reason behind it? If you keep that why at the forefront, it will make continuing on much easier, especially when things aren’t going as well as you had hoped. (This will also help you say goodbye to procrastination.)


What you think about and what you tell yourself also impacts how your day goes and the results you achieve. Stating three affirmations or beliefs about your day, your desired outcomes, and your goals positively, in present tense enhances your actions. When your thoughts, actions, and vision are aligned, that’s your sweet spot. That’s when you become unstoppable.


Another part of the checklist is addressing any objections or no’s. If you are running a business, selling a product or service (or you are doing this for someone else), you will inevitably encounter objections. These no’s can serve as invaluable feedback when you choose to look at them that way. By reviewing any objections received throughout the day, it gives you an opportunity to learn from them, modify your approach, and refine your methods.


At the bottom of the checklist is an area to state what you will do to refuel, replenish, and rejuvenate so that you are ready to go again the next day. Throughout the day, you are giving – to your business, to your family and friends, and to your community. It is important to make time to fill yourself back up so you can continue to give from a place of fullness.


Print out your copy of the Daily Checklist and get ready to break through to a new level of productivity, clarity, and success.


As you get started on your checklist, tell me, what is your one big goal for the next 30 days?


Book your strategy session with me and let’s hit that goal out of the ballpark!

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