I’ve said it before and it bears repeating – language is powerful.


How we choose to speak about a situation impacts the situation (for better or worse).


There are three layers to changing how we view an undesirable situation.


First, if things aren’t working out as you would like, check your questions. If your consistent question is, “Why isn’t it working?” this usually equates to “What’s wrong with me?” which is a difficult place to find an answer as you are putting your own self-worth into question.


If you simply change the question to, “What can I do differently here?” or “How can I look at this differently?” or “What new information or knowledge or skills do I need to acquire in order to resolve this issue?”  you can create a solution from that place. It puts us back in the driver seat, making the decisions needed in order to arrive at our desired destination.


Once we shift our questions, the next step is to alter your statements. Merely changing “I have to” or “I should” to “I am choosing to” or “I want to” gets you out of victim mentality and into the place of an empowered decision-maker.


The final layer is to rewrite the story around the whole situation. Instead of repeating the story of things not working out, switch the storyline to “Everything is always working out for me.”  and “I choose to see this obstacle as an opportunity.”


It takes practice and the more you do it, the more you will notice how much this alteration transforms everything.


For the rest of the day today, switch out all disempowering language and any elements of defeat for powerful language – that is where we gain new insights, different perspectives, and endless possibilities.


Want some help translating your current story into a story of success? Book your call with me and let’s refine your language to make it work for you.


To the most powerful version of you,



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