This is why I spent $250 more on a car repair


Shopping for a mechanic is not fun, especially as a woman who does not know much about car repairs. I defaulted to a big chain of repair shops.


As I’m waiting in the office, the phones are ringing, the attendant is on the phone badmouthing other employees in front of customers while making customers wait. HIs associate had quoted me one price that morning and this man charges me another. I argue. He offers to bring the cost down but it is still more than what I was quoted earlier.

They told me the A/C repair would take four hours and they would call me. They did neither. I arrive at 4:30pm (a full nine hours after I dropped my car off)  and they are still working on my car. Two days later, the A/C is no longer working. I take it back in. They tell me I need to repair the radiator in addition to the A/C and it will cost $800. I tell them I want to think about it.


I call another shop. They have an answering machine. They return my call within an hour and set up an appointment with me. I call to check the progress on my car.

They call me an hour later with their report and the estimate – a full $250 more than the other place. They offer to have it complete by the end of the day even though I tell them I can pick it up in the morning.


I paid them $250 more for the same exact job simply based on how they made me feel and based on the way they run their business – they return calls, they keep the customer informed, they answer the phone politely. I trusted them with my car and was willing to invest my money in their company over the other based on their integrity. When I paid, they explained the costs to me. It made me appreciate giving them my business.


It’s like choosing to upgrade to business class on a flight. You know you will be more comfortable and you will feel better not only throughout the flight but also as you go about your day or evening after your flight. You are paying for a better quality experience. And we are willing to pay more for what we value.


I value peace of mind when I’m driving my car knowing it was repaired well. Maybe you value having more space on a long flight knowing you will feel more rested when you arrive at your destination.



It isn’t always apples to apples. You may be choosing practically the same service (car repairs, flights, etc.), but which one gives you more confidence in the outcome?


The same is true of coaching. There are many coaches out there offering similar services. Their rates could be within a few hundred dollars of each other so what’s the difference?


  • Which one makes you feel more confident in what you will achieve while working with them?
  • Which one isn’t just telling you what you want to hear but is actually giving you the real deal – we will design the blueprints first, and then lay the foundation before we begin the construction phase so that we are building a sustainable system that works for YOU, your business, and the lifestyle you desire.


I do not give you a cookie cutter formula. They don’t work. I help you design your own formula because that is the one that will work best for YOU.


If you’re considering investing in a coach or mentor, check in with yourself.

  1. What are your top values?
  2. What is an investment in your business worth to you?
  3. Which coach aligns most with what you desire to achieve?
  4. How do they make you feel?


Imagine where you will be in three months after working with this person. Hold that vision, hold that feeling, and trust your gut.


With any investment and most decisions, when you clarify what you desire and pay attention to your energy, you will make the right choice.


Choose that which adds value to your life,




P.S. Book your breakthrough session with me to clarify how you best work and design your system for success. 


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