I have been attending networking events regularly for the past several weeks. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.

On Tuesday, I attended an event in the morning and another in the evening. At the morning event, I spoke with a woman who had started her own residential relocation business. When she heard what I did, she told me, “I was going to work with a business coach but she seemed a little too out there for me.” I shared with her my approach of balancing the analytical side of putting together the systems and structures of your business with the creative side of working on your mindset and acting the part. Later in the event, she asked me if I worked with teams as she started her company with two other partners. I was thrilled! I met two of the partners and they are energetic, motivated, and committed to their business’s success. If I had played small and not spoke my truth about what I did, I would have missed out on this opportunity. 

Later that evening at another event, I arrived early so there weren’t many people there. I was asked by one of the attendees about my work. When I told him I help entrepreneurs and small business owners clarify the mission, vision, and message of their business, to ensure they are attracting their ideal clients and designing their business to work how they best work, he replied, “So that’s like goal setting.” I wanted to say, “Did you know that 70% of people who set goals never achieve them?” I held back. I went into more detail about my work as I didn’t want to leave him with that same limited belief about coaching. He moved on to talk all about himself.

I escaped and found myself talking to a woman who asked, “What makes you an expert at what you do?” I told her, “Everything. My background in Psychology and Intercultural Communication, my extensive experience in career development and creating and delivering professional development training, coaching a staff of 12 people for over five years, my ongoing investment in my own personal and professional development through certifications, workshops, seminars, and mentorships, as well as my personal path of quitting a well-paid, highly respectable job to move to Mexico and Costa Rica to work and live, my ongoing experience guiding people from a variety of backgrounds in discovering their skills, strengths, talents, and interests,  my willingness to continue exploring my own story, and my commitment to continued training and personal growth.”

She replied, “Oh wow. That’s great.”

Three times in one day.

In the past, this would have totally derailed me. I would have taken their opinion over my own, discounted myself and my experience, and left the meetings feeling beaten down. Not anymore. I loved that I got to offer a different perspective of the coaching industry. I was excited to talk about it and help them see it in a new way. I stood in my power and my unwavering belief that this work is important It is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

The next time someone criticizes you, smile. Know that it is coming from a place of misunderstanding and you have the opportunity to offer them a new perspective.

It is merely a chance to connect more deeply with who YOU are and what you believe. 

We are not meant to go through life doubting ourselves and our path. We are not meant to place other people’s opinions of us and our chosen field over our own.

We are meant to do work that is a natural expression of who we are so that we can contribute to the world as only we can.

If you’re not sure you are in the right work for you, set up your free breakthrough session with me and let’s clarify your path.

You are meant for something grand. There is no doubt about that.

Believing in you,


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