What’s the first thing you tell people about yourself?

Do you give them your job title?

How do you respond when someone asks how you are?

Do you give a mere ‘fine’?

Do you wonder why you feel so disconnected from what you do and who you are?

It is not uncommon in modern society. We are taught to stuff down our feelings, pursue a professional path that is tied to a specific monetary value (regardless if we actually like it or not), and that our worth is tied to external measures.

We have it all wrong.

First, you are worthy, no matter who you are, what you do, what you believe, what you look like or where you come from. You are meant to be on this earth right now.

Second, our true work comes from the heart – it is the work we can’t not do, it is the work that is a natural expression of our gifts, talents, strengths, skills, and interests. It is the work that allows us to contribute to the world as only we can.

Third, acknowledging and honoring whatever we are feeling allows those feelings to be expressed and then pass through us. Holding them back results in physical and mental stress.

Check back in with yourself. 

What do you love doing? How do you do what you love best? What does your ideal work day entail? What is your ideal lifestyle? Why is all this important to you?

When we dismiss our feelings and neglect the calling of our hearts, we end up far removed not only from ourselves, but also from the work we are meant to do.

So what to do?

Listen to yourself, lead from the heart, and trust your intuition. This will always take you exactly where you need to be.

Rooting for you,


P.S. Not sure where to start on this path, the work that is calling you, and how to make money doing that work? Book your free session with me to clarify your vision for your business and create a plan to make that vision a reality. 

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