How’s it going? What are you getting into these days?

I’m participating in a program designed to help you do that one thing you’ve been putting off. I’m also studying different productivity methods. The theme amongst these is not that we need more time. We need to fill our time with less – less things, less obligations, less physical and mental clutter.

One of the exercises had us make a list of what we want to spend time on and a list of what we actually spend time on. We then compare the list to see what we can eliminate from what we currently do to make room for what we desire to do.

The productivity methods are similar – narrow it down to your top three priorities. Do less and do it better.

I have long been a fan of minimalism – getting rid of the things you don’t use – but I have not applied this approach as much to time. This made me begin considering what I can eliminate from my daily activities and to-do lists.

I want to continue to deepen my knowledge of human behavior and personal and professional development and continue to refine my coaching and writing skills. If I want to spend my time on improving my skills in these areas, I need to remove something to make room for it. That could mean I need to hire a virtual assistant and contract out my marketing instead of trying to do it all on my own. I serve my clients and community best when I work in my zone of genius and work with and hire others who do the same.

It can be scary to eliminate something from our lives – especially if we have become accustomed to that being part of what we do. If we can look at it not as a loss but instead as a gain – we are gaining the space and time for what we truly want – the parting will not be as bitter.

It comes back to our priorities. I believe we need to constantly and consistently check in with these. What do we value? Do our activities and time reflect that? If not, it’s time to make adjustments.

So take a quick inventory of your day today. What can you remove from your list? Start with something small. Commit to keeping it off your list for the entire day tomorrow as well. Reflect at the end of the night. What did I remove? What did I replace it with? How did I feel?

Not sure what to eliminate? Here are some suggestions: 

Negative self-talk



Victim mentality

Scarcity mentality

Refined sugar


Media an hour before bed

Media for first hour of day

30 minutes of media time in the evening

I’d love to hear what you removed from your day, what it made room for, and what you discovered in this process. Let me know!

Sending you less things and more space,


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