Did you know that showing up is the hardest part?

It is common knowledge that in meet up groups, only half of the RSVPs will show up. Why? The event may sound great but actually getting there takes effort.

We are very much a spectator culture – hence our love of professional sporting events, movies, and concerts. While it is great to be entertained, the players, actors, performers, and musicians had to make a commitment to show up to practice, over and over again.

While maybe we aren’t professional athletes or performers, we still need to show up for our lives. We have to put in the time to perfect our own work, whatever that may look like. It usually starts with getting out of comfort zone.

On Sunday, the meet up group I host met to try a new local event – yoga and beer. I am always looking for different experiences for my group and me to engage in. Doing yoga inside a brewery fit the bill.

While my group has close to 100 members, only four came to the event. The yoga class was great – with over 20 people total from the community attending. After the class, the women from my group and I shared conversations over a beer. We all learned something new and our lives are richer from the experience.

We learn new ways of living, being, making decisions, and overcoming struggles through the experiences others share with us. We form connections with people who may be quite different from us. All because we chose to show up.

When we show up, we allow new experiences, new people, and new conversations to come into our lives.

We can never really know the impact we have on others but we can know that if we don’t show up, we miss out on the opportunity to be impacted by something new as well as the opportunity to share some of who we are with others.

Life calls us to show up. When we show up, no matter what, we have the opportunity for a new perspective. Doing something different, something that makes us uncomfortable, alters our own perception of ourselves. We discover we are more resilient than we thought, we are not as alone as we believed, and we realize how much there is to explore.

Exploring your own pre-set limitations and venturing beyond them strengthens your sense of self. When that happens, the question becomes hmm, what do I want to do next? (as a smile crosses your face and nervous excitement fills your chest.)

How do you want to show up today? What can you do to show up more fully?

Encouraging you to just show up,


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