Have you ever wondered to yourself, what the heck am I doing with my life? Have you found yourself questioning, from time to time, what you are here for?

I’ve been there. I spent many years of my life in some form of existential crisis. You see, I always felt a pull towards doing work that made a difference in the lives of others and was meaningful to me.

The problem was that for much of my life, I didn’t know exactly what that was.

I knew I didn’t want to work in an office, that I wanted freedom and flexibility, and that I wanted to help others, but this was so vague that I ended up working for a non-profit that had some elements of what I craved but still left me seeking something more.

I was coaching a staff of twelve, recruiting, hiring and training new staff, building relationships with school districts, businesses, and the community, securing new contracts, chairing the professional development committee, and conducting trainings and workshops but I was constrained by the system in which I worked. Deep down, I knew I wanted to do it differently.

I wanted to do it on my own and in a way where I felt like I could have an even greater impact on the people I was working with and even those with whom I wasn’t working.

Once I had that clarity, I took action. I took a job where I had more autonomy, pursued my coaching certification and started my own business so that I could help others use their gifts, talents, and skills to do work that mattered to them.

We are often not as far off track as we think. When we trust in who we are, in our gifts and where they pull us, we arrive exactly where we are meant to be.

We are meant to do work that is a natural expression of who we are. When we are true to who we are, the right opportunities, resources, and people are magnetized to us.

Be true to you today, and everyday,


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