Are you stuck in a rut?

It’s time to shift your experience.

It is normal to get caught up in a routine. At first it works really well but with time, we notice our routine is becoming dull and uninspiring.

I am a huge advocate of shaking up our routines through experimenting with different experiences.

It is like an exercise routine – it works for a while but then our bodies adjust and we don’t see the same benefits we did at the beginning.

It is so important to make changes. They don’t have to be major but they do need to adjust your patterns.

If you are a hard-core cross-fit person, mix it up by trying a yoga or dance class. If you tend towards dance and yoga, try a spin class. The key is to search outside of your norm to try something different.

This is not just for our health. the same is true for other areas of our lives  – our work, our relationships, our finances, our style. How long have you had the same haircut? Can you experiment with a different style? What about your wardrobe? Do you ever mix up what you wear or are you stuck in a pattern of wearing the same type of outfit day after day? What about your career? Are you finding ways to continue to learn and grow or are you starting to feel the itch for something new? How about your relationship? Are you having new conversations and exploring new activities together? If we’re not growing, we’re stagnant. Looking for small ways to stretch ourselves helps keep us sharp and allows us to grow in new ways. 

I’ve done major experiments (packing up and moving abroad for one). I have also explored how I can do this on a day to day scale – I started practicing Shotokan Karate last January, I performed in my first improv comedy show this past March, and I started a meet up group dedicated to getting out and trying new activities.

On an even smaller scale, I started growing my hair out after having it super short for almost 15 years. I am exploring different clothes as I notice I feel different when I dress differently. I’ve also taken myself to fancy bars to get out of my comfort zone of going to the same places all the time.

I believe when we experience ourselves differently, we start to see ourselves differently, and in this, we can make lasting changes in our lives. The key is to reflect on the experience and integrate this new way of being and thinking into your life so you don’t fall back on your old patterns.

I have been wanting to shake things up in my business (and have done so in different ways), but I wanted to go big. I wanted to experience something I had never experienced before so I could step more fully into the person I am becoming.

I had hired a new coach in the beginning of the year to help me bring my business to the next level. She put together a VIP Intensive that I knew I had to be a part of because I knew I was done playing small and this experience would help me step more fully into my power.

This Friday I am flying to LA to stay at a home on the beach. On Saturday, I am joining my coach, a branding expert and six other entrepreneurs for a VIP Business, Branding, and Mindset Intensive that includes flying in a private jet from LA to San Francisco. We will spend several hours preparing a strategy to boost our business and mindset over lunch, explore San Francisco, do a photo shoot, and celebrate with cocktails at a city view bar at the end of the day.

I’m not telling you this to show off. I am sharing this story so that you can start to envision what experiences you would like to create that would help you shift out of the rut and into being the most powerful version of you.

We all have things we’ve always wanted to try or experience. The problem is we don’t often give ourselves permission to do them. We put them off until…. some day or when we have more money or more time or (fill in the blank).

I didn’t have the money for this program but something in me told me I had to go. I had to make it happen somehow. I wanted a big change so I had to make a bold move. It made me nervous but also excited.

I can’t wait to share with you all I learn and all the shifts that happen as a result of this experience. I am positive it is going to have an incredibly profound impact on my business and my life. Most of all, I know it will allow me to serve you in a bigger way, which is important to me. 

If you’ve been wanting to make changes in your career and life, now is the time. As part of my 90 Day Business Breakthrough Mentorship, not only will you challenge the way you see yourself and the world, you will also be challenged to DO those things you’ve been resisting. Engaging in new activities is a key part of the work we do together. We create a list together and each week, you commit to one change. Each month, you participate in one new experience, we debrief, and then we integrate what you learned from that experience into your life. It is about these moments of insight, these small shifts that allow you to see yourself differently and allow you to be who you are meant to be.

We are not here to play small. We are not here to hide our greatness. We are here to shine, to do inspired work, and to have a positive impact on those around us.

Let’s ignite the spark to move you from tired to inspired and from invisible to impactful. It is your time. Your magnificence is waiting to be uncovered and shared with the world.

Let’s do this! Book your free Breakthrough Session now. 

Sending you sparks of insight and experiences that move you,


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