On Wednesday night, I performed in my first ever improv comedy show. I had been taking classes for eight weeks and a live performance was the culmination of all we had learned.

It is funny that no matter how prepared you are, it is still scary to step out on stage. The cool thing about improv comedy is that the key to good improv is that each actor supports every other actor. This makes performing much less nerve-wracking.  Knowing that at any moment, someone has your back makes performing much more fun and engaging.

It made me think about how many times in life we don’t often have people who have our back, especially if we are working to get to a new level of success. When we are advancing in our career or business, this can make people in our current community uncomfortable at times and thus, it can feel a little lonely. That is why it is so important to create a new network of support when you want to advance to the next level. It is critical to surround yourself with people who are at the level you aspire to or in the career that you desire to be in and to see yourself in that same level.

Here’s a short video on this same topic.

This is one of the big reasons I designed my group-coaching program – I wanted new and aspiring entrepreneurs to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are also advancing themselves. That way they could move through resistance with support, have consistent accountability, and share the ups and downs of the journey, knowing everyone is the group has their back.

There is tremendous power in a community of people focused on their desires. It makes such a difference. For me, having other female entrepreneurs who are continuing to grow their business as my mastermind partners has kept me on track (and walked me back from the edge as well). Knowing someone believes in you and your success when you start to lose sight of it helps you take one more step instead of give up. I consider the female entrepreneurs in my life as invaluable to my success.

If you’re curious about how this program can help you and your business, schedule a time to talk to me. It is when we face what most scares us that we achieve the most growth. Having people with you on the path makes facing your fears much more manageable.

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I leave you with one final question, who has your back?


Believing in you,


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