My mom was in town this weekend, which stirred up some emotions as I found myself reverting to playing the role I had to play as a child – submissive, passive, small, and deferential. This is not who I am anymore and it was unsettling to be acting that out. It brought op some questions for me that I wanted to share with you in hopes that it will help you re-evaluate your relationships to ensure they are serving your best interests.

What identity do you need to let go of?

Who did you have to be for your parents? In what ways are you still taking on that role? Who would you be if you decided you no longer needed their approval or validation? What beliefs would you release?

Who would you be if you only believed in you, your success, your worth and value, and everything you did was a demonstration of that?

What actions would you take if you were fully in your power? What would you do differently if you were completely secure in who you were and what you were doing (whether you won or lost)?

What relationships would you let go of? What relationships would you need to transform or adjust?

How willing are you to let go of the old stories from your childhood that no longer serve you? Are you willing to step out on your own, knowing you will ruffle the feathers of those who are used to seeing you play small? Are you willing to upset those that doubted you, those that used criticism as a form of concern?

When you step into who you were meant to be, you are changing. Some people in your life won’t like that very much. Choose you anyway. It is your life and you are the one who has to live it, not your mom, or dad, or old friend, or well-meaning relative. YOU. When you make it to the other side, (which you WILL), they can decide if they want to rise up to meet you, however, you will never again, stoop back down to a lower level to meet them. You will choose to stand in your power and hold firm to your faith and your unwavering belief in yourself and what you are here to do.

It takes tremendous courage, tenacity, faith, and a lot of self-love. The road will not always be easy but the journey will always be worth it.

Uncovering, confronting, and finally releasing your old limiting beliefs is paramount to moving to the next level. When you rise, you can no longer operate from the same belief system as before. You have to create a new belief system – one that supports you and your continued growth.

This is what we work on in my Level Up group coaching program. One of the best parts of this is that you don’t have to do it alone. Letting go of old stories and relationships can be scary as you are entering unknown territory. Walking this path with other new and aspiring entrepreneurs makes it much easier.

And then you get to rewrite your story with others encouraging you to write the absolute highest version you can while supporting you as you step into the leading character of that story.

If you are tired of the same old story, I encourage you to consider enrolling in Level Up. You will gain clarity on what it is you truly desire, release the blocks that have been holding you back, take actions that align with the powerful person you truly are, and step into being the successful entrepreneur you’ve always desired to be. Schedule a time to talk about it with me.

For the rest of the day today, be the person you desire to be. Notice how that changes the actions you take, the conversations you have, the way you feel, and the way you show up throughout the day.

Believing in you,


P.S. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to declare what you want your life and work to look like, and to be the person living that life. It’s time to Level Up.

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