Where in your life are you hiding? Do you hide behind food, shopping, alcohol, confusion, overwhelm, information, exhaustion? We all have different ways we hide at different points in our lives.

We often hide when we are on the brink of change because the behaviors we engage in to hide are also behaviors that tend to limit our success. Success in our health, relationships, and/or career. We all have a pre-programmed upper limit in these areas – most of these were programmed in us when we were young and most of us haven’t adjusted them.

This is often referred to as our upper limit. How it manifests in our lives is that when we are on the brink of reaching a new level of success in some area of our life, we will often do something to bring us back to our comfort zone – this could look like starting an argument with your significant other or a sibling or parent or it could look like procrastination. We find ways to manufacture thoughts that make us feel bad thereby halting our progress towards success. It’s irrational yet at the same time, rational – our ego wants to keep us safe which means staying in familiar territory. When we branch out into a new world, our fears flare up.

So what’s the trick to help keep us moving forward into better health, positive, loving relationships, and meaningful and financially rewarding work? Frist, as with all things, is awareness. When something good happens, pay attention! How long do you allow yourself to stay feeling good? Look back over certain periods of your life. When you were close to a new level of success in some area of your life, did something happen that delayed it? An argument? An issue with money? A health scare?

If you have been able to continually progress in all areas of your life, I applaud you! If you seem to experience success in fits and starts, it most likely has to do with your upper limit. Once you realize this, you can catch yourself the next time you are approaching a new milestone. Start to up your practices that help you stay connected to your true desires – meditation, journaling, mindset work, your favorite type of physical activity, connecting with people who are where you want to be for encouragement, limiting time with negative people, and most importantly, guarding your thoughts. Before you go to sleep, remind yourself of where you are going and who you are becoming. Do it again upon waking. Repeat throughout the day.

Our minds are powerful and the more we use them for our highest good the better.

I highly recommend Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, to learn more about overcoming upper limits.

Sending you the real possibility of reaching your next level,


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