We are two weeks into 2017. Are you still feeling good about what you want this yera? I’m curious – how often do you ask yourself why? When you set out to achieve a goal or accomplish a big task, do you ask yourself why you want to go after it in the first place?

Why do you want to lose weight, start your own business, quit your job, be in a healthy relationship, start a family, move to a new place, learn a new skill?

Ask yourself why today. Don’t stick with the first answer. The first answer is usually our go-to answer.

Go deeper. What’s the goal beyond the goal? How will accomplishing this make your life different? What improvements will you see in your life? What will change? How will you be different? Do you really want the changes it will bring or are you more attached to where you are vs. where you want to go?

Do you have a connection to the ‘why’ behind your actions? Do you stop once in a while to check in with yourself? It is easy to go on default mode and go through the motions. We start to lose track of who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. We often lack a compelling reason for the actions we take and the decisions we make.

Being healthier, while it may be a noble goal, is not very compelling for many people. (Not enough to give up chocolate, anyway.) Health is a long term goal and we are an instant gratification society. We have to endure immediate discomfort in order to eventually see the fruits of our labor. Many of us aren’t willing to do that. Again, because our ‘why’ isn’t strong enough.

You have to be willing to dig. You have to be willing to acknowledge that whatever it is that is no longer serving you (for example, being overweight or unhealthy) is fulfilling a need.

Explore what you get out of staying where you are. There is some need being met by staying. It could be comfort, familiarity, a sense of security. What would it look like if you could get this need met in a way that didn’t keep you stuck? What if you could go after what you want while engaging in activities that helped feed your need for comfort and security so that you could make consistent momentum towards your goals? Getting that need met in ways that doesn’t sabotage your progress is the sweet spot.

Getting to that place requires that we have a vision for our life that pulls us forward. A vision that serves as your guide as you progress through the year. When we don’t have a clear vision of what we want and where we want to go, we are easily tossed around. This could look like jumping from job to job or relationship to relationship. It always looks better somewhere else. The problem is when we aren’t connected to a bigger vision for our lives, we keep ourselves in a place of stuckness, often masqueraded as uncertainty and confusion.

Having a clear vision for your life cuts through the paralysis of analysis and serves as your compelling reason to keep going and to stay the course.

Today, take some time to connect with the highest vision you have for your life. What does it look like? How does it feel? Why is that vision important? Is it strong enough to keep pulling you forward when things get tough? If not, dig deeper. Choose to clear out the fog of confusion and connect with the vision that is written on your heart.

I’d love to hear what you uncover, send me a reply and share your vision with me.

Sending you clear vision,


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