We are officially in the home stretch of 2016. How would you like to complete this year? Are you grappling with some uncertainty in your life? Is this starting to translate into being unsure about yourself and what you’re about?

When we doubt ourselves, we give our power away. We start seeking approval and validation outside of ourselves. This may help momentarily but it is not sustainable.

Getting to a deep sense of your inherent worth may mean unraveling your old beliefs. I believed for a long time that my worth came from my work, hence I struggled a lot. Sometimes I was doing good work and other times, I had jobs to fill in the gaps and pay the bills while I figured out what was next. I thought I was worth less when I was working in a restaurant than when I was teaching. I was still me, with valuable education, a plethora of trainings and certifications, and incredible and diverse life experiences. Yet somehow, when I was waiting tables, I negated all this and devalued myself. Then when I was teaching at the university as an adjunct professor, I again had value. This is nonsense and pure crazy making.

I am a product of the society in which I grew up. A society that values certain professions over others, which is absurd. All professions have value and more than that, all human beings have value, no matter what work they choose. We judge ourselves (and others) harshly.

Owning your value means owning who you are no matter what. It means embracing the transitions and honoring the choices you make (or have made) along the way to something different. It means celebrating the risks you’ve taken to get to where you are.

Then again, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who is solid in their worth and their work. Even so, I think it is human nature to wonder what we’re here for and if we’re up for the task. In these moments, here’s a little trick you can use.

Try changing your self-doubt and questions about your worth into statements.

Am I good enough? = I AM good enough! Or even, I AM more than good enough! Gosh, darn it!

How do I look? = I look incredible!

How did I do? = I did a phenomenal job!

One of the rules of improv comedy (for beginners anyway), when you are in a scene with other actors, is to never ask a question. The guideline is to turn your question into a statement and treat it as a fact. This helps the scene evolve whereas a question stops the flow. I think it is the same in life when it comes to these questions about our value – turn them into statements of fact.

When you catch yourself in self-doubt today, stop. Declare your new statement of you, knowing that is the real truth.

Believing in you,


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