What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you feeling disconnected? You have friends, family, and colleagues. You have 1000 FB friends and thousands of Instagram followers. You have a decent job. But who are you, really? What are you about? What are you working toward? What is your vision for your life? Do you have one?

During the week, we can start to go on auto-pilot. We have family obligations. We spend 9-10 hours at work We may have an exercise routine and a few social outings throughout the week. It feels non-stop. It feels like every minute of every hour is full and we are just going through the motions trying to keep up.

We may look around and wonder, how did I get here? The years have flown by and our connection with ourselves somehow got lost in the shuffle.

We must slow down. You aren’t going to win a medal for being busy. You will, however, win hearts by being present.

What are some ways you can reconnect with yourself and recharge your natural energy? Spending time in nature, dancing, playing with your children, reading an inspirational book, meditating, writing, creating art, spending time with someone who really gets you?

Our lives are not meant to be spent on a hamster wheel, going in circles, wondering why we’re working so hard yet nothing ever seems to change. Dedicating some time each day (as little as five minutes) to come back to who you are at your best and to reconnect with your highest vision for your life is powerful. Start with five minutes and slowly increase the amount of time until you reach a level that supports you in maintaining a connection to your soul, spirit and heart. It could be 15 minutes or up to an hour – it is different for everyone. What’s important is to do it consistently. And, no, this is not just one more thing to add to your to-do list. When we connect with ourselves on a deeper level, we get clear on what we can let go of, which frees us up to spend our time and energy on only those activities that align with our values and priorities. We get out of busy mode. We define, for ourselves, what a well-lived life entails, and then take actions in accordance with that vision.

This is your one, wild, precious life. What you do with it matters. You matter.

Commit five minutes to you today, to reconnect with who you desire to be. Do one thing to recharge you and reignite the fire within you.

Encouraging you to fill yourself up with your own natural energy,



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