Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What are you magical powers?  We all have a bit of magic in us. Sometimes we hide it, even from ourselves. Many of us believed in magic when we were kids. We were open to seeing things differently and exploring was our true nature. We were creative, imaginative and had boundless energy.

As we grew up, somehow with maturity came a loss of our child-like wonder, our ability to see the whole world as a bit magical.

All of that is not lost. We still have that within us. It’s about altering our perspective, and not only on how we view the world, but also how we view ourselves. We were all born with innate gifts and perhaps because they come so easily to us, we forget about them.

Our magical powers manifest in different ways:

Do you have eyes that speak volumes?

Do you offer comfort that allows people to melt into you?

Does your sense of humor lighten up people’s days?

Do you listen to someone as if they are the only person in the entire world speaking?

Does your kindness melt even the coldest of souls?

Do your pictures tell a story beyond the photograph?

Do your class lessons transport your students to another world?

Can you sell water to a fish?

Do your dance moves inspire people to move their bodies?

Do you make numbers tell a story?

Does your code make websites come alive?

Does your food feed people’s souls?

Does your writing feed people’s imaginations?

Does your art elevate people’s spirits?

Do your organizational skills free up time and space?

Do you make cars, trains, planes, and other machinery run smoothly and effortlessly?

Do your debating skills allow people to see things from a different perspective?

Do you transform people’s smiles?

Do you illuminate people’s genius?

Do you heal the sick?

Do you mend the broken-hearted?

The list of magical abilities goes on and on and on. All we have to do is claim them as ours.

So, I’ll end as I began – what are your magical powers? Claim them. Own them. Celebrate them. Share them.


Wishing you a day filled with magic,


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