Inner Riches Activator 90 – Day Immersion

Unlock your Inner Gold Mine: Uncovering and Activating your True Wealth and Worth

Maximize your I.R.A. – your Inner Riches Activator – Step into your True Rich, Free Radiant, Rebel Self for True Wealth and Freedom

For the rebel service-based entrepreneur who is tired of all the white noise of the online entrepreneurial world and deeply craves running their business as the highest expression of their soul, having tremendous impact and influence, joyously earning multi-six figures a year in highest service to their clients and their spiritual gifts, living a life of great adventure and significance, and doing it all on their terms with incredible freedom, authenticity, alignment, and fun. 

Clarify your message and your mission, alchemize your fears and invoke truth, ground yourself in your true worth and wealth and become irresistible to all you desire in business, relationships, health, finances, and beyond.

As within so without – Activate your riches inside and out.

True wealth comes from a deep sense of worth and value in yourself, in your grandness, magnificence, and brilliance,  radical trust, unwavering self-belief, supreme integrity, and impeccable truth. It’s time to unlock your inner goldmine and open the floodgates of abundance – money, clients, opportunities, relationships, love, and health.

It is all already within you. Let’s open up that treasure.

You are:

    • Tired of working on strategy, mindset, sales, marketing, energy, everything and not seeing the results you desire in your business.
    • Scared you’re never going to figure it out and your dream of a 6-figure thriving business, living a life of freedom and doing the work that is written on your soul won’t be shared with the world in its highest expression.
    • You want this but part of you whispers that if it isn’t working then maybe you should just give it up. (But you don’t want to give up!)
    • Wonder if you’ll ever be able to fully trust and believe in yourself and your business as it’s been bringing you down.
    • Tired of following all the rules and doing it everyone else’s way.
    • Over the rollercoaster of emotions and finances.
    • Are sick of this story of always working on your business and just getting by. You want to thrive!

It’s time to burn all the rules and BE the True, Rich, Free, Radiant, Rebel Spirit that you are and Decree:

    • I do my business MY way and my business and I flourish.
    • My business is a true reflection of me. Clients, cash, and opportunities come to me consistently.
    • My money story is powerful – I have a deep trust and belief that I am always provided for beyond my needs and desires.
    • I know I am incredibly rich within and I act accordingly. As I do, my external world shifts to reflect my internal world
    • I have a deep sense of inner peace, security, and confidence in myself and my work.
    • I share my message and story with confidence and clarity and it magnetizes my ideal clients to me.
    • I love working with my soulmate clients in my five figure a month business which gives me the freedom lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of and a life of great significance and adventure with incredible impact and fun.
    • I experience newfound freedom, exponential growth, deep significance, profound inner strength, and states of euphoria.
    • I am a master of my energy and fears no longer derail me.
  • I have profound respect and love for myself and my business.

You got this.

This is For You!

– You are tired of the same old money story, struggling to get by, doing all the things and getting nowhere, and going through the rollercoaster of emotions in the feast and famine cycle of your business

– You are done chasing all the shiny objects and are committed to implementing the changes required to bring you and your business significant success

– You are sick of all the self-doubt and self-sabotage and crave a sense of trust and belief in yourself and what you are doing

– You deeply desire your coaching or service-based business to break through to a new level of freedom and success

– You are willing to drop all the BS and take aligned actions immediately

– You are ready to dramatically shift your old operating system, eradicate your limiting beliefs, and step into the powerful, badass, successful, wealthy entrepreneur that you know you truly are with massive impact, influence, and deep significance in the work you are doing

In this program you will:

>>Create a powerful, new money, business, and success story that supports your expansion

>>Connect to your true inner wealth consistently in every area of your life

>>Alchemize fear and negativity to master your energy and release what’s blocking your success

>>Elevate your confidence and courage  through  trusting and acting on your intuition immediately

>>Clarify your message and your story, and articulate your truth with authority.

>>Increase confidence in your offer, your sales, your presentations, and your introductions by being more YOU

>>Create magnetic marketing to become irresistible to your soul mate clients

>>Increase your income and confidence

>>Sharpen your intuition for ease and productivity

>>Increase self-trust and decisiveness

>>Deepen your connection to your spirit of prosperity, freedom, and significance

SO THAT your internal wealth, the treasure trove that is YOU is reflected in your outer world, AND…

You are working with only soulmate clients in your thriving five figure a month coaching business which gives you the freedom lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and a life of great significance with incredible impact. You are finally free because you are finally truly, fully 100% unbounded, untethered, unapologetically YOU and your business is the absolute purest, highest expression of that. You attract ideal clients. You receive five figure months graciously and joyously. Your anxiety about your business is gone. You have unwavering belief in yourself and what you are here to do. You operate with supreme integrity, impeccable truth, and radical trust. You are unstoppable.

Let’s talk.

It’s time Unprogram You, Activate Your Inner Riches. and Unleash Your Creative Genius to the World

The details:

We work together over the course of twelve weeks. This includes:

  • 90 minute deep dive to allow us to hit the ground running.
  • Signature welcome packet to get you started right away.
  • Three 50-minute sessions each month.
  • One training and Q&A  call each month in a private FB group followed by an implementation activity.
  • Unlimited email access in between sessions (with responses within 48 hours).
  • Whatsapp or other IM support and Voice Messaging for quick check-ins and questions, sharing insights and celebrations.
  • Pre-session focus sheets.
  • Post-session take-aways and action item worksheets.
  • Special rates on retreats and programs.

It’s never too late to truly love your life and the business you’re in.

Don’t spend another day lamenting your state of frustration, sign up now for a Mentorship Inquiry Session to get clear on how to boost your confidence, fulfillment, ease, income, and impact.

Start boldly showing up in your life.

Get Unstuck. Get Results

Let’s do this!

*Limited to 100% committed, action-taking, no-excuses, results-focused rebel spirits only!*

Kori Gouge, Business and Inner Goldmine Mentor for Creative, Heart-Core Rebel Entrepreneurs, guides her clients to create radical income and impact and activate their genius, wisdom, and prosperity.

My programs ignite my clients’ inner goldmine by maximizing their I.R.A. – Inner Riches Activator – to magnetize clients, cash, confidence, courage, and freedom as they step into being their true rich, free, radiant self.

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Prosperous Soul

Why Me?

I set myself free. I don’t restrict or limit how I work whereas before I analyzed what I said and did, obsessed about the next steps, and beat myself up constantly. I work with pleasure whereas before I felt anxiety and pressure to choose the “right”  thing to do. I take actions in my business with joy instead of out of some sadomasochistic obligation.

I am at peace with my business – I admire, respect, and honor it. I love my work and appreciate the energy and love it gives me.

And all the energy that was used to beat myself up, obsess, and stress is now free to explore, play, love, and create a whole new reality that aligns with my desires. It like breaking out of prison and seeing the world with new eyes, awed by the possibilities that lie before you.

Prepare to Rock Your Business and Life! Let’s talk.