Core Connection Academy

The Unapologetic Self-Expression Incubator

Get Ready to Ignite your Dreams!

What would it feel like to have a strong connection to who you are, what you are here to do, and what you stand for? To feel confident in realizing your purpose and mission?

Imagine being free from all the self-critique and negative judgments as you walk into a room and meet the eyes of all who look at you with confidence and poise.

Imagine expressing yourself freely, confidently, and powerfully with every person you meet. No apologies, no self-monitoring, no self-censorship.

What would that make available for you? Just think of all the opportunities, the people, and the possibilities that are now accessible to you that before you thought were out of reach.

Higher salary and increased job satisfaction? Done.

Start that business you’ve been dreaming of? Of course.

Book that trip to Croatia and swim in the turquoise Mediterranean waters? Why, yes.

Buy that amazing dress and shoes and go out dancing? Indeed.

Ask for what you want in the bedroom and the boardroom with confidence? Darn right.

Rock that presentation like a pro? Already did!

Introducing The Core Connection Academy – Speak Boldly and Confidently without Feeling Guilty or Pushy


You’ve done all the things in self-improvement and yet you still have this nagging discontent inside. You lay awake at night wondering where you went wrong and questioning what you missed. You don’t feel a strong calling or sense of purpose and it leaves you feeling numb inside. 

You’ve lost faith and trust in yourself so you overanalyze everything which only increases the discontent. You feel like you’re always busy but rarely feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. You’re not even sure what you want anymore. You’re all over the place and can’t seem to focus.

Your dreams await.

You long for that spark, that fire within, that deep soul connection to you and the higher power within you, to do something great, to create a legacy you are proud of.

To have a clear sense of purpose and mission that drives you day after day with joy and appreciation. To respond to challenging situations and people calmly, confidently, and with grace. To make decisions quickly and easily because you trust yourself and your inner guidance system.

To have energy and enthusiasm throughout the day for doing meaningful work you love, engaging in activities you enjoy, and spending time with people you cherish. To fall asleep at night with a sense of peace and contentment in the contribution you are making to the world.

Introducing the Core Connection Academy!


Tired of the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that keep blocking your success?

Are you wanting real support and personal accountability as you move towards your goals?

Craving that boost so you’re not staying stuck in the rut of analysis paralysis? 

Have you been wanting to connect with other big vision people because you know the power of who you surround yourself with?

Want access to new tools, practices, and activities to make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life?

Want to walk into any room with rock-solid confidence, poise, and stature?

Desire to feel confident in the skin you’re in no matter where you are and who you’re with or what you say?

Want to cultivate unwavering belief in who you are and what you are here to create, no matter what happens?


You desire to maintain purposeful momentum and to keep taking right actions and know having a community to support and encourage you is invaluable.

You want to learn how to shift and adjust quickly so no matter what happens, you stay steady on your course.

You want a place where you can share struggles and successes in an open and non-judgmental way.

You want the flexibility to stay as long as you like.

You want to able to ask questions to a powerfully effective coach in person on the bi-monthly calls and via email when something comes up so you don’t have to wait until the specified call.


Align your life with your dreams now.

True Core Connection



Why Me?

I’ve been there. Obsessing over what to do, blocking my success, analyzing every action, and watching my dreams get further away.  I had beaten myself down so much that it was hard to see the way out. What I discovered was there is always a way. Always. Even when you can’t see it. I learned to not only love my work and my life but to celebrate it.

I stopped dreaming and started taking action. I lived and worked abroad for close to three years, traveled alone for multiple months throughout Western Europe and Central America, performed as a dancer, earned my graduate degree and began teaching university-level classes, bought a home I loved, pursued my coaching certification, and started my own coaching practice.

I also used to be the woman who was always hiding and shying away from attention. Giving presentations terrified me. I would spend an entire week preparing for a one-hour presentation. It was over the top. I became the woman who now performs improv, spoken word poetry, and offers training and presentations regularly without a whole lot of preparation. That is the power of mastering your mindset, energy, and life. It will take you further than you could have ever imagined.

You don’t have to do it alone. It doesn’t have to take forever. I invite you on this journey with me. Are you coming?


The Core Connection Academy

What’s included:

  • 2 training and Q&A calls per month ($1000 value)
  • Biweekly journal prompts to clear out old patterns and activate your highest frequency ($100 value)
  • Monthly Disruptor activities to push you out of the comfort zone and quantum leap your success (priceless)
  • Biweekly Meditations and visualizations to guide you to align with your vision, mission, purpose, and passion ($100 value)
  • Understanding and Encouraging Community (invaluable)
  • High-level Personal Accountability to Reach Your Goals (priceless)
  • A place to be open, nonjudgmental, and supported in achieving all you desire (priceless)
  • Private FB community for check-ins and sharing resources, challenges, wins, and celebrations ($150 value)

For charter members, advance notice and special rates on upcoming events, retreats, and programs and keep the inaugural rate for as long as you maintain consistent membership.

Enroll now and Ignite the Spark.