My Philosophy

You already have all the answers. Many times they are buried under unchecked beliefs or misguided systems that no longer serve you. You can live an alive, passionate, inspired life, right now. Your dreams are way bigger than you have allowed yourself to imagine. You are more powerful than you realize. You are here to contribute something grand. You are here to shine so brightly that others begin to recognize that they too can shine. Now is the time to step into your greatness.

  • We believe in doing work that fills the riches of your soul and the riches of your bank account.
  • We believe that when our work aligns with who we are, it becomes a natural expression of our gifts, talents, strengths, skills, and interests.
  • We believe in doing work that matters and contributes something positive to the world.
  • We believe that life is an endless adventure of discovery.
  • We believe in living our lives as an incredible story unfolding each day.
  • We believe in setting ourselves free, loving ourselves deeper, trusting our intuition more often and speaking our truth boldly.
  • We believe when we show up, for ourselves first, no matter what, we are able to have an incredible impact.
  • It takes courage. It takes vulnerability. It takes commitment. It takes vigilance. It takes profound love.

Kori Gouge, owner of Kori Gouge Coaching, is on a mission to help mid-high level professionals rewrite the story of thier careers and become the authors of their amazing lives. Her coaching programs set her clients up for success by taking them through both the internal systems (clarity, mindset, and beliefs) and the external strategies (daily practices, inspired actions, and support structures) that help them achieve lasting changes in their lives. Her clients move from confusion, indecision, and overwhelm to clarity, decisiveness, and focus. In her free time, you will find her trail running in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, losing herself in great literature, and planning her next big adventure.

  • Professional Bio
  • 16 years coaching, teaching, training, and tutoring experience
  • Certified Structural Alignment Coach
  • Master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communication
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
  • Six years non-profit management experience