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The #1 Thing to Do to Improve Your Relationship

The Best Thing You Can Do Today to Improve Your Relationship… Are you ready? No, it's not to have more sex, go on more dates, be more affectionate, break up the routine. It's even better than that. The #1 thing you can do to improve your relationship? 🔥 Eliminate...

How Being Heard Sets You FREE

I remember meeting a man from my mastermind group early one spring morning to trail run in the foothills outside of Denver. As we climbed the hills alongside a small stream, rows of pine trees, and the sagebrush reaching for the sky, he began to share the story of his...

How Confidence in Your Relationship Leads to Joy

I remember this one night in the middle of winter when my husband was working the night shift and I was feeling overwhelmed. I told him - I feel like I am doing… Then I paused. I was going to say everything but something stopped me. I was doing a lot but I couldn't...

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