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How the New Age Deceived Me and How the TRUTH Set Me FREE

It was mid-winter in 2018 and I was looking for “the” solution to grow my business. A coaching friend reached out and referred me to a woman who had had great success in the previous year growing her business. Her focus was on energy alchemy. I checked out some of her...

Love, Loss, and God

One of my clients recently lost his wife in a fatal car accident.  We have weekly calls and each time I end a call with him,  my heart is overwhelmed with the loss he is experiencing and tears spring to my eyes. (Yes, I am an empath!) I immediately pray for him that...

Waking Up to Hope

My alarm goes off at 5 am each morning. As I wake up, I lie in bed and pray - prayers of thanksgiving and prayers requesting guidance.  Sometimes this lasts 30 minutes, other times close to an hour. I then get up and even if some tiredness may linger, I feel...

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