Kori Gouge
Kori Gouge

You crave greater intimacy in your relationship and more fulfillment in your work.

It’s time learn to SEE yourself with HeartVision to experience greater love in your relationship and deep satisfaction in your work.

You are destined for greatness.

This greatness is already within you. It is ready to be awakened. So are you.
Kori Gouge

Soulful Business Success Mentor

kori gouge

Quantum Vision Business Expansion

You’re tired of inconsistent and up and down sales in your coaching business. You’re done feeling like all you do is work some new “system” or “blueprint” that doesn’t ever seem to work (despite the high investment!). 

You want to be earning more money, having more fun, being confident and secure in your coaching and the results you guide your clients to. 

You are ready to experience new levels of growth and income, deep significance in what you are here to do, and confidence and conviction in your work.

Welcome to the Quantum Vision Business Expansion Experience!

Design and refine your business for the life you desire and create the impact, freedom, and abundance you were born to have.

kori gouge

Business Audit & Sales Alchemy

Are you tired of feeling like you are constantly adjusting your strategy and searching for what WILL work? 

Are you ready to end the confusion around what works and what doesn’t and gain clarity on what works for YOU?

If you are ready to dive in to create more clarity and focus by uncovering what’s creating the “stickiness” in your business and removing it to allow in more abundance, clients, fun, and freedom, Business Audit and Sales Alchemy will show you the way.

In this special 1:1 intensive, we dive deep into your business to get to the root of the up and down sales dilemma. We then create clarity on the aligned next steps to call in your soul mate client so that your marketing is magnetic and your business is working for you. 

It’s a beautiful process of alchemy.


Danielle S., Denver, CO

Talking with Kori during a job search and interview process was incredibly helpful in getting an objective view and helping me manage my expectations. Having an experienced voice of reason during times of uncertainty in your working life is invaluable. Save your family members and friends from listening to your career woes and get an expert’s opinion.”

Steve M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Working with Kori helped me move past my resistance to bringing joy and peace into my life. Her easy-going approach allowed me to quickly build trust and get in touch with concrete goals for manifesting happiness in my daily routines.

Angi D., Massillon, Ohio

Kori is a pure delight. My coaching session with her was inspiring and full of motivation. I was able to create a physical “to do” list during our coaching call that brought forth instant results. I had this list brewing deep within, however, just needed her encouragement and point of view to actually face it. Kori is honest and light hearted. I felt an instant connection. I am completely amazed at how quickly my daily life changed after just one session. I highly recommend Kori to anyone that needs to find a way to make changes (large or small) in their life.
Kori Gouge


Kori Gouge


Kori Gouge