Dream, Desire, Determination Group Mastermind Program

Are you tired of working hard, staying up late, trying to figure it all out?  Your message, who your ideal client is, how to be authentic, and how to reach a larger audience so people know you exist and you can share your unique gifts with the world?

Are you second-guessing yourself, wondering how to get a consistent flow of clients and how others are making it sound so easy?

You know you want to have a big impact on others but you get lost in confusion and overwhelm.  

You start to doubt yourself and ask, is this business even worth it?  Is this really what I’m meant to do (even though deep down inside you know it is).

Imagine if you knew exactly what your message was, who your ideal client was, and getting known for that specific zone of genius you are so good at.

Once you discover those three aspects, everything will change because they did for me.

Clarity will set you free and allow you to:

• have a consistent flow of clients dying to work with you

• exceed your monthly income goals

• be on top of your game

• excited to wake up every morning

• confident in what you are offering

• energized by the work you’re doing

And most of all having a HUGE impact on thousands if not millions of people. 

How does that feel?

Well, guess what..this is real and you can have it.

This is why I have created the 3-D Group Mastermind Program…

Dream, Desire, Determination

Feed your desire, fuel your determination, achieve your dreams.

What is it worth to you to achieve your desired results without adding more hours to the day?

What would it feel like to have a growing business all while working in a way that is authentic to you?

• Match your personality and your strengths so that you are maximizing your time and energy. Get specific on what you and your business are about.

• The more specific you are, the more you attract your ideal clients, the more you work in your zone of genius, and the greater your fun and your profits.

This is where Impact Entrepreneurs who are tired of working hard and not getting their desired results come to do their work in a way that is unique to them.

Here is where you will measure your results, assess and evaluate them, and then make the adjustments needed to ensure you continue on the path to sustained growth and income for your business.

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 I know this is possible for you.

Want to know why? I did it. When I started my business, I wanted to help everyone with everything, which translated into being too general and not attracting the right clients. The more specific I got about what I wanted my business and life to look like, the more my reality began to reflect that. I learned the tremendous importance of having a supportive community while you are growing your business. And the vital role of self and soul care practices as you engage in the inner work while doing the outer work to build your company. Once I put all these pieces together, I realized this holistic view of creating and sustaining a business was what I had needed in the beginning. Not the piecemeal, do this, then that. I needed the big picture – how I fit – which meant discovering how I worked best and what I loved the most about my business while staying committed to continual self-growth, community, and learning.

That is why I created this program – to guide you through the multiple layers of entrepreneurship in a way that reflects who you really are – and best of all, it works. And that, ultimately, is what matters – you and your business’s success.


Ready to get focused on the one thing you are really good at instead of trying to be everything to everyone?

It’s time to Clarify YOU; your message and your zone of genius so that your business works for you and how you best work.

Activate your success mindset and rewrite the story you’ve been telling (and living) to be the impact entrepreneur you are meant to be.

What’s an impact entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur who wants their work to contribute something great to their community and the world in its own unique way and who wants their work and life to serve as their legacy. 


If you are an impact entrepreneur who is ready to do the right work so you can have the business and life you crave, this is the program for you.

Join me for this 30-day group coaching program for impact entrepreneurs to clarify the mission, vision, and message of their business, refine how they work so their actions achieve their desired results quickly, develop their own personal mindset practices, receive powerful coaching, structured accountability, and ongoing support.

Space is limited to maintain high-touch, high accountability, and a high-level of support.

Are you ready to rock your business?
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This program is designed with multiple touch points:

• Weekly Virtual Office Hours for Group Coaching and Q & A

• Four powerful training modules with writing prompts and daily actions

• Mid-week Accountability Check-ins

• Your Own Accountability Partner

• A Private FB Group for Daily Reports and Check-ins

During the four weeks, you will: 

Week 1: Clarify your highest vision and mission for your business and life. Use this to clarify your message to attract your ideal clients. With clarity comes confidence. When you combine clarity and confidence, you increase your sales and your fun.

Week 2: Release your fears and limiting beliefs and develop tools to use so you know how to move through them quickly when they come up. Embrace your inner badass.

Week 3: Rewrite your story to get faster results in your business and life. Refine how you best work so you are spending more time in your zone of genius. Move from overwhelm to ease.
Develop your specialized unique daily practices to help you maintain focus and remind you of your mission and vision.  Implement wealth consciousness techniques so you already feel the wealth and abundance in your business and life.

Week 4
: Integration – combine the learning to create YOUR unique system for success. Complete your 30-day action plan. Become the person you are stepping into with confidence, clarity, and ease. Express gratitude and Celebration to show the Universe you want more. Create your community of support by strategically reaching out to mentors, advisors, and peers. Develop your ideal networking plan.

All of this within a strong and supportive community to further help you stay on track.

Each week, you will receive the training for the week to work on at your own pace, a group coaching call to implement the training, and mid-week check-ins and Q&A to address additional questions that arise.

This is no real growth without meaningfully applying what you are learning and the best way to do that is through putting it into action and sharing your experience with others for feedback and encouragement.

Are you ready? Complete your application.


If you don’t want results and don’t want to move your business forward, this is NOT the program for you. 

This is the coaching program for you to finally break through the barriers that have been holding you back, shift your thinking into a success mindset, take consistent powerful actions to achieve your desired results quickly, build a strong community, receive ongoing support and high-level accountability to go from just getting by to doing work that lights you up and living a truly extraordinary life.

 Now is the time.

On our own, we tend to take the long, winding road as we’re not always sure which actions will have the most impact and it is easy to get overwhelmed. It’s the classic throwing spaghetti against the wall, but without a way to evaluate, measure, assess and adjust so that our actions DO get us the results we desire. It also keeps you from working in your zone of genius as you’re not even sure what that is at times.

Working with a coach cuts through the confusion, helps you hone in on the most powerful actions to take, and not only gets you taking them right away, it also ensures you are measuring your progress, making adjustments as needed, and most importantly, continuing to move forward. Additionally, working alongside fellow entrepreneurs adds another level of support as you grow a community to call on anytime.

Which road will you choose?

The long road – I’ll keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, doing the same thing yet hoping for a different result.

The quickest route – Get support and get specific. With clarity comes specificity. With specificity, you spend more time working in your zone of genius, which means not only are you working how you best work, you are also enjoying it and making great money at the same time.

 good work

If this is speaking to you and you have questions, then let’s get on the phone to chat.

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Here are what others are saying:

My coaching session with Kori was inspiring and full of motivation. I was able to create a physical “to do” list during our coaching call that brought forth instant results. I had this list brewing deep within, however, just needed her encouragement and point of view to actually face it. Kori is honest and light-hearted. I felt an instant connection. I am completely amazed at how quickly my daily life changed after just one session. – Angi D., Massillon, Ohio

Working with Kori helped me move past my resistance to bringing joy and peace into my life. Her easy-going approach allowed me to quickly build trust and get in touch with concrete goals for manifesting happiness in my daily routines.”  – Steve M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kori was great. I approached the session with a list of things we might talk about and hadn’t expected there to be any surprises. But as I was talking, Kori really picked up on the pieces that excited me and helped me to focus on them until they started to feel really possible and really exciting. It was totally unexpected and wonderful. Our session gave me a huge boost, a clear sense of direction – and we ended the session with defined next steps. I’m really grateful to Kori for her insight and for her ability to tune into and zero in on what needed to be pursued!”  – Sarah R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Why do I do what I do?

So that the world has more people who are fully alive, doing work they find meaningful, creating businesses they love, and through that, contributing something new to the world. So that there are more entrepreneurs with thriving businesses that fill their soul and their bank account. Read my mission here.

P.S. If you’re ready to break through to a new level of success – on your terms – and thrive in your life, business being authentically you, complete your application today.