Quantum Vision Business Evolution

R Does this sound familiar?

You’re tired of inconsistent and up and down sales in your coaching business. You’re done feeling like all you do is work some new “system” or “blueprint” that doesn’t ever seem to work (despite the high investment!).

You want to be earning more money, having more fun, being confident and secure in your coaching and the results you guide your clients to.

You are ready to experience new levels of growth and income, deep significance in what you are here to do, and confidence and conviction in your work.

You are ready to share your message and mission with conviction, attract your soul mate clients with ease, and serve powerfully while having more wealth, freedom, and fun than ever before.

Imagine having a rich and fulfilling business that brings joy into every area of your life.

Imagine expressing yourself freely, confidently, and powerfully with every person you meet. No apologies, no self-monitoring, no self-censorship.

Imagine living the life of fulfillment, impact, great wealth, and significance you’ve been craving for years.

Welcome to the Quantum Vision Business Relationship Evolution Experience!

Connect deeply and intimately with your soul mate client in your message, offers, and programs.

Write with confidence from inspired intuition so that your marketing is magnetic to your soul mate client and she is ready to invest in working with you.

Know your powerful client transformational journey is unique and incomparable and the results you lead your clients to.

Design your business for the life you desire and create the impact, freedom, and abundance you are meant to have.

I’m Kori Gouge. I’m here to guide you on your journey to create more money in your business, free up your time, and make a difference in the lives of your clients and community.

With a background in psychology, communication, leadership, military training, and nonprofit program management, I understand deeply the different levels of change – not only from my training and education, but also from my own trials and tribulations.

Knowing I wanted to guide business owners to uncover the unique traits and gifts that equip them to sell and excel effortlessly, I went out on my own after completing my coaching certification. I have also taught psychology, self-awareness, models of change, and communication at the university level. I love sharing my research and experiences with you here – so you can forgo some of my mistakes and achieve your success more quickly than I did!


Quantum Vision Business Relationship Evolution Experience

Master Heart, Body, and Brain: Transform your relationship with your business to create impact, freedom, and abundance.

Join me on a 75-day 1:1 Quantum Vision Business Expansion Experience

Renew your heart:

Week 1: Alignment with purpose, desire, and prosperity.

Week 2: Create standards, rituals, and deep connection with soul mate client.

Week 3: Refine client transformational journey.

Week 4: Deepen integration.

Rewire your brain:

Week 5: Design, refine, align program with unique gifts and traits and soul mate client’s desired results..

Week 6: Create empowering sales conversations.

Week 7: Intuitive writing to create magnetic messaging and invite more soul mate clients into your program.

Week 8: Deepen integration.

Restore your body:

Week 9: Be seen in new places and in new ways – expansion.

Week 10: Create vision and system for next level growth.

  • The amount of time spent on each will vary as the work is individualized to each client.

The investment for this mentorship is in the mid-high four figures and you, your life, and your business are worth it. Payment plans are also available.

Schedule a call to have a conversation to see if this is a good fit for you.


Who you are:

This is an invitation for coaches and therapists who want to transform their business from the inside out, to be connected to their purpose, and serve from their unique gifts and traits, increase their rates and slightly increase the number of clients they are enrolling each month.

You have been in the coaching world for a few years and have enrolled clients into your practice. Some have been great, others not so much. You experience up and down sales, which drives you to seek another strategy but you have found they don’t end up working.

You have sold programs in the $3k-$5k+ range and would like to move your rate up and want to feel more confident in your delivery before doing so.

Your clients have gotten results on and off, some take longer and drag their feet, and some go round and round. You want to be enrolling clients who do the work and with whom you feel confident will get results with your guidance.

You have done your fair share of inner work and you are not afraid to go deeper. You are open to looking at things from a variety of perspectives and keeping a beginner’s mind, as you know that the right insight at the right time can change everything.

You want to be working from your gifts and genius and feel connected to your purpose so you can get off this hustle hamster wheel.

You wrestle with how to share what you do, how you do it, and for whom and want support and guidance in how to articulate it clearly and convey it powerfully so it is magnetic.

You want to be working with more joy and have more freedom in what you do, what you say, and how you share your message, programs, and offers.

Ready to explore what this would look like for you? Schedule your call.