Business Audit & Sales Alchemy

Are you tired of feeling like you are constantly adjusting your strategy?

Are you frustrated that your marketing is not attracting your soul mate clients in the way that you want it to?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in sales?

You are in the right place!

This is for you if you are selling your programs but it’s on and off. You have done a ton of strategy and much of the energy work and yet something still feels off and just HARD and you’re TIRED of wrestling with stress and anxiety and feeling bad that you aren’t having more success.

You desire to serve your clients powerfully and get paid well for it!

You’re tired of all the shiny objects and want to enjoy serving your clients, connecting with new clients, and creating new ways to serve and play from your gifts, genius, and purpose.

I get it.

When I started my business, I was positive there was a formula or system that I had to learn and once I did, I’d be on the smooth selling highway. 😉

I worked many systems but they ended up working me instead of working for me. They left me feeling more lost and confused and then I’d spiral into negativity.

I turned to energy to get me out of the funk, thinking that was what was missing.

When not much shifted, I felt like a LOA misfit, which just reinforced my growing frustration.

This led me to deepen my exploration, observation, application and research to learn what DID work for me and the women I was working with.

Deep heart, spirit, body, and brain connection – holistic, integrative transformation.

Quantum Vision Business Relationship Evolution was born

See – learn to see yourself through Quantum Eyes with the right mindset, heartset, and energy foundation to become magnetic

Be Seen – remove the Scripted Mask and show up powerfully for your soulmate client with truth, integrity, and love in your programs and offers

Serve – take the right, aligned, strategic actions to serve, sell, and grow and evolve your business


From that came the first step – Business Audit and Sales Alchemy Deep Reveal

If you are ready to dive in to create more clarity and focus by uncovering what’s creating the “stickiness” in your business and removing it to allow in more abundance, clients, fun, and freedom, Business Audit and Sales Alchemy will show you the way.

In this special 1:1 intensive, we dive deep into your business to get to the root of the up and down sales dilemma. We then create clarity on the aligned next steps to call in your soul mate client so that your marketing is magnetic and your business is working for you.

It’s a beautiful process of alchemy.


What that looks like:

  1. Prior to our session, you complete a Business Deep Reveal which I review to prepare for our session.
  2. We meet for 60 minutes where I audit your marketing, sales, and business model and then we create a plan to create sales right away.
  3. What you will receive: Walk away with clarity on your unique heart and energy activation practices to bring you into alignment BEFORE you write, serve, and share. Know how to connect more deeply with your soul mate client to call her in. Know which actions serve you and which derail you so that you are taking the right aligned actions to serve and sell every day.
  4. Once you complete the payment, you will receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your session and a link to complete the Business Deep Reveal discovery questionnaire.

Investment options:

$477 using Venmo (@kori-gouge) or Zelle or Wise (

$487 using credit card