A bit about me. 😊

I love baked goods. Morning pastries are my favorite. Give me a scone or almond croissant and a strong cup of coffee and I am in heaven. 

I’ll take an oat bar over a cookie unless it’s a ginger molasses cookie; pie over cake unless it’s a German chocolate or carrot cake though pecan pie would give me pause to reconsider.

I love to bake and experiment with recipes. There is something really gratifying with starting out with an assortment of ingredients and ending up with a pretty and tasty treat within an hour or so. 

I love bread, #ifearnogluten, but not any old bread, it must be bakery or home baked. Preferably a French baguette, chewy sourdough, or a crusty batard. 

I love food and can talk about it for hours. I  have always loved learning new ways to eat to give me more health, energy, and vitality. I am fascinated by how much healing is possible with the right foods. 🥑

I love vegetables and love roasting vegetables in a big casserole dish to then have for the week to eat with a fried egg for breakfast or as a side dish with dinner. 

I’ve been making vegetable and fruit smoothies for years and love learning how to improve them so that the nutrients are more readily available (steam veg first, choose low GI fruit, and add ground seeds!). 

I also love movement. 🏃🏽‍♀️

Exercise is one of my mainstays for mental health. As I’ve gotten older, it has shifted from an obsession and going through the motions to obtain a specific body shape to a meditation and devotion to bring me more awareness, joy, and energy. 

I’ve been fascinated with human performance since adolescence when I developed an eating disorder. I found it curious and it made me want to learn more about how the brain works. That led me to earn a BA in Psychology and an MA in Communication and then to pursue my coaching certification. 

For me, much of this got warped by self-help and new-age spirituality. I turned into the person doing all the things to improve yet not seeing much improvement yet continuing to think self-help and new age were the answer. #definitionofInsanity

I now know the truth, which is quite unpopular in much of the professional and personal development world. 

We are not God and we, despite our best intentions, cannot THINK ourselves into a new reality. (believe me I desperately wanted this to be true!)

The problem with that is you are still operating from the same self that created the issue that self is working to resolve. 

What I discovered is that what needs to change is not just your thoughts, behavior, and actions, but a fundamental shift in BELIEF about who you truly are.

I don’t mean the hoo-rah, just believe in yourself and you can do it hype. 

I’m talking about knowing the truth of who you are as God designed you to BE. 👑

When you learn to see yourself from a higher perspective and acknowledge and accept the TRUTH of who God is, how He sees you, and what He says is true about you, your identity changes from the inside out. 

No tweaking your thoughts, feelings, and actions – those are naturally changed as a result of owning your TRUE identity. 💎

You see, all the things you did to change, all the struggling to figure it out and get it right, was unnecessary. With God, it is already done. 

Not to say this is easy because this requires tremendous TRUST because it involves surrender which most of us control freaks don’t do so well. 😳

When you learn to release the tight grip on how it is ‘supposed’ to look and invite God in to guide you, you discover it looks much better than you ever could have imagined – so you see, how can you think into being something beyond your imagination? That’s how good God is. ❤️

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”  2 Corinthians 9:8

So there I am. From peach oat bars, to fresh-baked French bread, to roasted root vegetables, to unmasking personal development, to revealing God. It seems like a natural evolution to me. 😊


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