I was dating a man in my late 20s and he wanted to be an architect. I was more excited about it than he was.

A good friend of mine lived in Albuquerque so I suggested that we visit her and he could visit the architecture school while we were there. His desire wasn’t strong enough to move him forward. I was disappointed, thinking – man, you know what you want so go get it – because that’s what I wanted – to know what I wanted so I could go get it.

I lost myself so much in him that when he opened a gift from his brother that included workout pants, I was so excited that his brother said, you know those are for him, right?

Ugh. Who had I become?

It was easier to focus on him because I didn’t like me all that much and I wasn’t all that excited about my own life. I had lived in the land of confusion for so long that any distraction from finding my way was welcome.

When he decided to leave the relationship, which was hard for me, I even packed his boxes for him.

Hello codependency.

I committed to doing the work to root out this pattern and to transform my relationship with myself. Enough!

I wanted to be excited about my life and my work.

It took some time and included attending 12 step programs, reading a ton of books, hours of journaling, and receiving coaching.

However, it wasn’t until I invited God back into my life that things really changed because He then invited me into even bigger changes and to take greater walks of faith.

Following His nudging and the nudging of my heart, I pursued my coaching certification, knowing I wanted to help women, who, like me, struggled with their identity, path, and voice.

It has been a wild and winding journey and has required more faith than I ever imagined.

Now I can say I love my work. I love guiding women to see themselves from a higher perspective, reclaim their voices, and walk their divine path with grace and confidence.

Their bodies, families, and work all transform as they are no longer the same person.

They are the women God called them to be.

Where have you wrestled with your path?