Isn’t the coaching industry so curious?

Not many other industries flaunt their sales in quite the same way.

You don’t see lawyers, doctors, accountants, dancers, writers, or artists regularly sharing how much money they’ve made.

I have to admit that this trend in the coaching industry always rubbed me the wrong way.

Just because you can make $50,000 or more in a launch doesn’t equate to your clients getting results or you being a great coach. #truth

You can have a great sales week or month or year and then you could lose it all or go through a significantly lower period of sales. If that is where you place your worth and value, what then?

Money isn’t lasting nor is it a signifier of your worth or value yet in the coaching industry, it seems that is what so many people are pursuing to “prove” they have what it takes.

I am not against making great money. I just don’t like how it is placed on such a high pedestal.

Instead of pursuing being a better coach and sharing the difference you are making, it’s all about how much money you made. It’s backward.

Money measures often serve as a mask. It’s easy to hide behind numbers.

You see some coach making 6+-7 figures and you think they have it all figured out. Yet, in my experience working with many of these coaches, I have seen them struggle with relationships, boundaries, overworking, insecurity, struggling with sleep issues, body image, stress and anxiety, and not taking care of their health and body.

Is that what you are pursuing?

I believe you can earn great money without all the issues WHEN your focus is NOT on the money.

When you are so committed to your purpose and serving others with love, and are doing the work FOR the LOVE of the work, the money will follow exactly because you’ve forgotten about it.

Your purpose is so much bigger than money.

Let’s boast about how God is working in us and who we are becoming through Him and in so doing, do great work and serve with great love.

Having confidence, peace, joy, and love in the high months and the low months and everywhere in between – that is worthy of celebration.

What are you celebrating today?