Here’s how you can change that…
I am a bit of a baking snob. I started baking as an adolescent when I spent summers in Dayton, Ohio with my aunt and uncle and grandparents. My aunt LOVED to bake and I quickly caught her enthusiasm for baking. We would spend hours in her kitchen baking cookies, brownies, muffins, and bread, stealing bites of dough as we worked and dancing and singing the whole time.
I have now been baking for decades and of course, as I was learning, experienced some baking flops. It is part of perfecting the art. I have to admit, though, it is always a bit disappointing. You have spent all this time and energy, excited for how it is going to turn out and when it doesn’t turn out, it feels like such a let down. 😟
I also noticed the desire to look good and be praised for my baking so when I bake something that turns out just ok but not great, I feel the need to put a disclaimer on it when I serve it.
“Oh I used a new recipe and it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.”
I am afraid if they don’t like it, they will think I am not a good baker so I want to make sure they know ahead of time that I know it isn’t up to my highest standards. (You see the approval seeking here, right?!)
This has implications for business.
So much of our identity is tied up in business – we want to look good, get it right, and win the approval and praise of others.
The part about your identity being attached to outcomes can be changed by digging deeper into your purpose and the impact you are here to make. The key is to live your business by your values and principles, not by the world’s standards. This isn’t to say you don’t measure your sales calls, sales, and income, you do, but you do from a place of love vs judgment and comparison. 🌟
When you can detach your identity from the outcome and commit to doing the best you can every day to do excellent work with love and enthusiasm, you will succeed – more than you ever imagined – precisely because you had forgotten about it. ❤️
What shifts would you like to make in your business?