When I began my business journey, I failed and failed again. I searched and invested and got hopeful and when it didn’t work, I got discouraged, beat myself up, and questioned my path. All of this searching for the right strategy kept me disconnected from my heart and from God.
It was searching outside of me, thinking someone out there had the answer and that surely there was one that would work…eventually.
This kept me broke and discouraged and did a number on my sense of self, my trust in God, and my belief in my path.
I was tired of living in doubt, questioning, trying every platform and system and strategy only to accumulate more debt without progressing as much as I had hoped.
I felt lost and confused. I felt constricted and limited. I felt like the odds weren’t in my favor and I was fighting a losing battle.
I got to the point where I had had enough of looking for others’ solutions, feeling frustrated and discouraged, and I decided it was time to create my own way.
I dedicated myself to strengthening my relationship with God instead of stubbornly insisting I do it on my own and to change my mental, emotional, and energetic patterns about what it meant to be successful in business.
I transformed the way I saw myself and my business and learned to look at myself through God’s eyes. I created new belief systems and released all the old ones that had held me back for way too long.
I tossed all the masks I thought I had to wear in order to be successful and let my true personality come through. I wrote to my soul mate client from my heart, intuition, and purpose and ditched the soulless marketing templates.
I learned more about victim mentality, self-esteem, and the psychology of change, how the mind works, and how to change its default wiring.
I increased my understanding of the spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical elements integral to a satisfying, impactful, and sustainable business. I came to understand how to create clients by heart.❤️
It is my calling and mission to teach others the same.
It’s time to transform your business.