How I Went From Ready to Give Up on my Business (and myself!) to a $4000 sale From One Video…

It’s storytime! 😉

In 2018, I had invested in a high level program and convinced myself that since it was such a high investment, I would be motivated to do whatever it took to get results. Ever been there? 🤨

When that didn’t happen…oh no!… I turned against myself. I wasn’t getting the right support – and I made it mean I was screwed up.

I went into a fierce internal battle. Suicidal thoughts waged war on my psyche as I convinced myself I was worthless and merely taking up space since I wasn’t doing well in my business.

It was not pretty. 😳

What I was taught by so many coaches hadn’t helped – and Lord knows I did everything they suggested – but simply following their formula didn’t work for me.

I was tired of non stop posting and videos without that resulting in sales.

I was done. I knew I could help my clients and all this other shit was getting in the way of that. I said, screw it, I am doing this MY way. PERIOD.

I got the right support and was able to see myself, my work, process, and unique gifts in a new way (this vision remains hidden to us and we need the right support to help us see beyond ourselves) – with Quantum Vision.

I could then see through my story of stuckness to my core story and beliefs and how they shaped me and led to the development of my gifts.

This process changes how you show up in your business and how you are SEEN in your business. This magnetizes your ideal clients to you because they see you are different and your approach is unique and they book a call already wanting to work with you.

This is what happened for me and happens with my clients.

I went from MANY, MANY months of no sales and working nonstop to enrolling a client into a $4000 (90 day) program from ONE video.

One of my clients did a similar thing – from NO sales for a LONG time to a $1500 (30 day, 3 session) sale from one video, just 72 hours after our first session.

The sales are an effect and reflection of the massive internal transformation that occurred. This is what allows for continued success – you become a “first-class” mentor that delivers consistent, holistic results.

Because, let’s be honest, what you really want is to be the BEST and ONLY mentor who your clients want to work with.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Kori Gouge. The Unscripted Business and Writing Mentor for six figure coaches who want to create leaps in sales by leveraging their unique genius and story – WITHOUT all the complicated strategies.

I went broke – financially and spiritually – doing the same shit you’re doing. If you’re ready to stop doing all the shit that is wrecking your business and your mindset (not to mention your health and relationship) and want to do the work you are MEANT to do in a way that gives you energy, lights you up, rewards you wonderfully financially, and creates massive transformation in your clients, let’s have a conversation.