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“What’s your story?” 

I was at a small gathering and a woman approached me with this question.

“What do you mean, what’s my story?” I replied, a bit put off. 

I didn’t want to tell her my story. I had just gone through a devastating loss and was still reeling from the effects on my psyche. I didn’t want to relive it by sharing it again.

I could’ve played nice and shared something superficial but that’s not who I am, hence my direct response. 😉

I love stories and I also know that stories hold a lot of power. 

I wanted to heal and release my story of loss and I knew that by telling it again and getting that emotional hook when someone responded to my sadness just held the story’s grip on me even more tightly. 

It reminded me of an old friend who had been cheated on and that story became like her badge of honor. We were out one night and she began to tell that story again with even more emotion.

I pulled her aside and said, You have to stop telling that story. It is something that happened to you but it is not who you are. 

She didn’t like hearing that. 🤨

The same is true in business. 

When you are growing your business and face challenges in that growth (no matter what level you may be at!), it is easy to create a story of struggle and shame. Shame around it being a struggle!

Anything you criticize, you increase because you bring more attention to it, which reinforces the negative belief you hold about yourself and your business. So the story grows stronger and you end up overanalyzing your strategy, second-guessing your marketing, and overcomplicating everything, which does nothing to help your sales! (See the self-reinforcing cycle here?)

However, underneath that story of struggle is a goldmine. 💰

In this system you have created that perpetuates struggle is a core belief that needs to be revealed and in that, the development of your unique creative genius, which has been guiding you all along.

You can then see that story with new eyes and thus, act against it instead of in accordance with it. 

That is the story to share because that deeper story is what connects your dream clients to you as they experience what you went through as their own experience. 

Facing yet another no on a sales call, wrestling with the desire for growth and the creeping doubt that keeps lurking that makes you question if it’s possible, and then how, somehow, you kept going. When it felt like you had lost it all and then realized there was nothing left to lose. You stopped doing it someone else’s way and let your creative genius lead you. That is when things really started to shift.

That is the story that is asking to come through you and to be put into a published book to be a part of your legacy. 👑

Because there are plenty of success stories out there. 

What your dream clients want to read is how you were able to build and grow your business in a way that no one else has and that the way in which you guide your clients is not from someone else’s system but came from your unique genius and they can’t get it anywhere else. 

That is what makes people want to buy from you after reading your story – you transport them to a world where what they truly desire is possible because they see themselves in you. 

It is more than sharing your story and it is more than becoming a published author. It is leveraging your story to grow your business and serve your clients in a way that is unique to you. 

What does that look like? One post = $3000 30-day intensive. One email = $10k 8-week program. Both paid in full. 

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