I had read so many marketing books, taken marketing and copywriting courses, hired coaches and mentors who claimed they could help my copy convert. 

I created 30+ opt–ins and was told, create another one.😉  I put together 3 and 7 day challenges and while I got some participation, it didn’t lead to the sales I had hoped for (especially considering all the time and energy involved to create it!).

I love to write so it didn’t make sense to me that, despite all my study and training, I wasn’t creating the number of clients I desired.

I’d go back to analyzing and brainstorming and somehow land back on there must be something wrong with me. 😳

.This, of course, just left me frustrated and discouraged, which doesn’t help the situation at all.

.All the while, I was writing constantly.

.Many people would comment – you should write a book.

.I thought, well I’d love to but I’m growing a business here. (duh!) 😕

.What I didn’t see then was that it didn’t have to be one or the other.

.And that’s when it all started to click. 

.My story, which involves the development of my creative gifts which led to my unique process and path, can be leveraged to grow my business and be shared in a book, which would also impact my business’ growth. 

.It all goes together – they are not separate at all.

.When I made that shift, I reached out casually to a colleague to invite her to become a published author in my book anthology project (that I had been working on on the side and not promoting!) and made a $10k sale from that simple email. 🌟

.I stopped trying to compartmentalize different parts of me and saw more clearly the transformative power of writing and knew that I could help my clients leverage their story to create higher sales and increase their visibility by becoming a published author. It was a perfect blend of creativity, spirituality, and hard core strategy. And, interestingly enough, that describes who I am as well. 

.You don’t need to write an ebook. (Sigh of relief. 😌) You can feature your story in a published book and I will guide you to do it in such a way that your dream clients become obsessed with you, seek you out, and want to hire you, all while leveraging that story in your marketing to increase your sales WHILE you are becoming an author. Oh, sweet synergy!

.If you are TIRED of analyzing your marketing, done creating yet another opt-in, and are ready to use your story to leap in sales and visibility all while becoming a published author in an anthology, I invite you to DM me and we can chat more about the project and if you’re a good fit, what the next steps are to get started. 😊