So did I … but it wasn’t until I started to leverage my storytelling and relationship genius …that  I made a $10K sale with ONE simple email  

(just in case you want some inspiration today!)

One of the first coaching programs I did was all about the high end, high-vibe lifestyle – you know, you had to LOOK a certain way and do all these things so your ideal clients would want to work with you

Off I went to work with a brading coach and photographer to create my brand story, ideal client, and photoshoot.

I am a diligent student so I went through the branding book my coach sent me and answered question after question about who my ideal client was – you know, where she lived, where she vacationed, what kind of car she drove, what her romantic life was like, what she was struggling with, what she wanted, what kind of pets she had…

And, then, what were the colors, the experience, and the style of my brand.

I completed page after page of information and then off we went for the photo shoot so that all I wrote would come through in the images.

And, while the brand story was intellectually interesting and the photo shoot was fun, it didn’t have a direct impact on my sales. 🤨 WHAT?!

It was discouraging, to say the least. Here I was following all the guidance on making my business stand out. And yet, here I was struggling while seeing everyone else having success. 😕 #nofun

Well, I had had enough of working on my brand and KNEW there must be a different way, a more aligned, fun, and easeful way. 

Instead of spending more hours writing a brand story and creating a client avatar, I began writing my unique story to speak directly to my clients and to be included in a book anthology while guiding my clients to do the same. 

The more grounded I became in the power of my genius and process, the easier it was to see the exact clients I could best serve, and then, the easier it was to invite them to work with me with integrity, sincerity, and appreciation. 

That looked like writing a personal email to a colleague I hadn’t spoken to in months which resulted in a $10k full-pay sale. 🌟 #alignedfuneaseful

The truth is, no matter who amazing your brand, brand story, and photo shoot is, you will still often go unnoticed. 😌 which is such a drag when you are putting all this time, energy,  and effort into it. #nothankyou

Instead of spending hours on a brand story or client avatar, write your unique story to not only become a published author but also leverage it in your marketing to create real clients who want to invest in working with you. Hello $10k sales. 💎