How I went from being the “good girl” and following all the “rules” that kept me broke and miserable to using writing to create a new story and in so doing, guide my clients to leverage their stories to increase their sales AND become published authors 

When I started my coaching business, I so badly just wanted to get it “right.” I enrolled in courses to create lead magnets, group programs to learn email marketing, worked with a branding photographer to create my brand story along with doing a photo shoot, and hired coaches to learn marketing, copywriting, and client attraction, which included doing multiple day challenges and funnels. 😕

And, despite doing all the “right” things, it wasn’t working as I had hoped. I would enroll a few clients and then go through long dry spells without enrolling any clients. Those dry spells wreaked havoc on my psyche and perpetuated the belief that I must be doing something wrong – despite doing all the right things – which eventually led to thinking – well, then there must be something wrong WITH me.

And down the rabbit hole of negativity I went. The longer the dry spell, the further down I went, and the harder it was to crawl out. 🐰

I have always been a writer and have used writing as a tool for deeper self-awareness for much of my life. Through writing, I discovered this pattern of invisibility that was manifesting in my business had its roots in my upbringing, where it was safer to not be seen in order to avoid the wrath of my parents’ anger. 

I found ways to “survive” through spending hours outdoors running, biking, swimming, and indoors through reading books voraciously, seeking a new world and life in them. 

I knew I wanted to be a writer from an early age. I wanted to create a new reality – for myself – and for others through my stories. ✨

.When I told my stepdad I wanted to study writing in college, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that was the WORST idea ever. I was told I had to pursue a degree that would lead to a job that made money. At the time, that was engineering. 

Being the “good” girl I was, off I went to study engineering, squashing my dreams of being a writer seeing it as the naivete of a child. 

I went from being a star student who loved learning and excelled in school to doing the bare minimum to maintain a C average. 

My heart just wasn’t in it. 🤨

Three years later, I quit to pursue a degree in psychology which rekindled my love for writing by learning more about the mind and human behavior.

Whose life did I want to live? Certainly not my stepdad’s life – one filled with anger, resentment, and negativity. 

I wanted to live the life I desired – one of adventure, creativity, and joy. ❤️

This led me to coaching and to using writing as a powerful tool in my coaching with my clients to discover their unique gifts that developed from their story and then leveraging that story to feature in an anthology to become a published author, all while attracting aligned clients and increasing sales. 

There is power in owning your story and creating a new story out of that to see it is safe to want what you want, to have what you desire, and to share your story in a bigger way to be SEEN for who you truly are. 👑

Hey I went broke doing the same shit you’re about to do and I made it through…

Investing in yet another program and not getting results and then feeling bad, thinking something must be wrong with you, ashamed and embarrassed that yet again you don’t have much to show for your investment, not sure what to do as part of you wants to give up while another part of you knows that is not an option…

Then I discovered how to leverage that story – your story – to access your higher gifts and genius and began teaching coaches how to use their story to create higher sales and attract more aligned clients. Now I’m a full time coach, writer, author, and business owner guiding my clients to become published authors while creating leaps in sales. 💎