..on how to stop investing $$$ without seeing the results you crave & deserve

What attending 12-step programs and working with a variety of coaches without getting results taught me about REAL change (think: sales without really trying…)

After completing yet another coaching program with a high-level coach and STILL not getting the results I desired, I thought, I am done. This is it. There is something seriously wrong with me. 😳

Clearing my energy, tapping, working on removing limiting beliefs, yet another strategy, and endless mindset work did not work for me – it just reinforced the idea that something must be wrong with me!

I am a determined and very disciplined woman and I was taking action and doing all the things…and yet NOT having the sales I desired. 😕

And here I was seeing all these people celebrating their sales breakthroughs which only threw my confidence into even further question.

At the same time, there was a part of me that KNEW it was not meant to be such a struggle. 

And that TRUTH opened the door. ☀️

I started to see the connections between the model that many coaches use and the 12-step model. 

And how it kept so many people stuck…and broke! 🤨

In 12-step programs, at each meeting, you claim an identity of brokenness which, to me,  perpetuates codependency on the program meetings and its members vs empowerment and independence.

While your behavior might have caused you much pain and shame, it doesn’t have to be who you are. I am not an addict – I am a person, a human being, who has struggled with addiction. 

The most powerful and healing aspect of the program was the opportunity to share the darkest parts of you – the parts of you that you were deeply ashamed of and had kept hidden.

As I listened to the stories of the other members, I saw, first hand, the power of the human spirit and the longing to be free at all costs. 

FREE, not codependent. 🌟

And what I realized is that this longing to be free at all costs is intricately connected to our success.

I have noticed this theme of codependency in many different coaching programs – the idea that this coach and this program can fix you. I also saw and experienced how shame and guilt were used by many coaches in both their sales process and in their coaching. #nothelpful

What stood out to me the most, though, was how very few coaches really SAW and HEARD their clients. Instead, they were quick to judge and quick to fix using a formulaic approach. AND, many, and I mean, MANY, of their clients were NOT getting results. 🤨

What did I do?

I declared: ENOUGH!

As I challenged this story of brokenness, a funny thing happened. Sales came from all over and I wasn’t even trying! Why? I began to trust myself, my work and process, and in the value of working with me. 

When you are in an environment – whether that be in a 12-step program or a coaching program – and you are surrounded by an ideology of brokenness, no amount of mindset or energy work or strategy will set you free. You can’t see the truth of who you are when your identity is tied to struggle and that impacts your actions and results.

This is why getting in the right environment and working with the right mentor is critical to succeeding on your terms.

Because when you truly own who you are – ALL of you, the good, the bad, the dark, the ugly and the beautiful and then set yourself FREE from the past and your old identities – you open yourself to receive ALL you desire. 

And, that, my friends, is the TRUTH. 💎


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