…it requires more trust, more depth, and more you…and maybe a bit more cowbell πŸ„

You have a powerful message and your work is powerful and you know as well as I that  you are meant to be serving at a higher level. Yet I get that it feels like your message isn’t getting out somehow. 

In order to “fix” that, you go where the mind naturally goes – to the external – the strategy.

And it’s normal to think that. 🀨  It’s not your fault. There are millions of coaches selling the quick fix to more visibility.

But this quick fix – which is to grow your audience, increase your followers, get more leads – isn’t actually what you need. 😳

Without the inner work, you’re just throwing away money, like I did. 🀨

But the trick here is this isn’t something you can do on your own. There are a mountain of tools, resources, and books on self-transformation. #shelfhelp

If you could do it on our own, you would have done it already and wouldn’t have this issue around not getting your message out to the right people. 

And, like I said, it isn’t just any mentor who can help you either. 

It is working with a mentor who really sees you and helps you see what you’ve been hiding – the things that you weren’t even aware of. 

Yep. While you may desire more visibility, you don’t realize you’re hiding. πŸ˜•

This fear around visibility needs to be dug up to be realized. 

Or you’ll just keep repeating the same cycle. 

But, wait, how do you hire a mentor that sees you if you’re afraid to be seen? 

Great question.

I hired many mentors who didn’t “see” me and instead just wanted me to follow their process. They didn’t go deep and, their process didn’t work for me. 

I got to the point of “enough.” I was sick of having a process stuffed down my throat.Β 

A little voice inside me was screaming – I want to do it my way! I don’t want to do that! That’s not me. 

That little voice wants to be heard and does want to be seen. That part is saying – wait a minute – what about me? That’s the part that will guide you to the right mentor who will see you and allow you to see yourself differently which allows you to show up differently, which allows you to be seen differently. πŸ˜‰

With my clients, I begin by guiding them to be seen differently in their relationship with themselves and with their partner. That translates into them being seen differently in their biz and that results in people reaching out to them wanting to work with them – within a few days of starting to work with me. 😊


Because they allowed me to guide them to see themselves differently because I fully see them – beyond what they can see. 😳

At the core of this is a deep level of trust that is often missing in mentoring relationships.Β 

Maybe you’ve gotten burned by one too many coaches telling you to just follow their system, which didn’t work well for you. 

Wanting to do your work in a way that is authentic to you requires a deep level of trust in yourself and in your process and that requires a mentor who can guide you to that depth. This comes through understanding how they are guiding you and why they are doing it that way both from an intellectual and emotional level. πŸ‘‘

Many coaches don’t explain what they do and why. I have worked with coaches who believed that not explaining their process created mystery which would entice people to sign up. People did sign up but not many got results. πŸ˜”

Other coaches are vague and general in their process, which doesn’t create a lot of trust in their clients. This often means they don’t trust their own process which translates to poor delivery, and minimal to no results for their clients. πŸ˜•

When you work with me, I will guide you to a deeper understanding of your process through exploring your past wounding and uncovering your unique gifts that came from that. As you see what it is you do differently and much more deeply, you can then explain it clearly and simply which will attract the perfect clients who want that type of support. And those are the exact clients who will also get results because they understand what you do and why it will work for them. 

No magic formula of the five simple steps to book amazing clients, but instead the system that is created out of the integration of your past and your unique God-given gifts. This allows you to serve as you know you are meant to, which creates rich results for your clients, a rich business for you, and rich relationships for all involved. ❀️ 

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