What to do with “I don’t have any money. I’m going to wait until I make money and then I’ll invest”

Many people are facing economic challenges right now. #obvio Many were struggling before but with the pandemic, that economic pressure has intensified.

Saying they don’t have money feels safe. They can point to the pandemic and it makes them feel justified. They think they are being responsible. Of course I need to make money first, they think.

What they are really saying is they don’t trust themselves. They have invested many times before and didn’t see a return on those investments so they have created a belief in their inability to get an ROI. 

They think, well, isn’t that the definition of insanity – keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

They are right… and wrong.

I used to think this way. After many investments without seeing results, I told myself, I am not going to keep doing what isn’t working. This is smart. However, what I saw that wasn’t working was me investing.

I was right on part of it and completely wrong on the other part.

I was right that I needed to do something different. #Duh. I was wrong in thinking it was about not investing.

It wasn’t the investing. 

It was me. 😳

It was 1 – who I was being as I was investing *most importantly*  and 2 – what I believed about the program/mentor.

When I held the belief that something must be wrong with me, I invested in mentors and programs that reinforced that belief. They had magnetic marketing, promised the moon, but their coaching lacked substance. I didn’t get results which just reinforced my belief that there was something wrong with me – because — man, if I can’t get it with this high level coach and everyone else is, I must be really screwed up.  #nothelpful 😦

Of course, this led to me feeling nervous about investing again. 

What I had to shift was my perception of me. I had to decide me and my dream were worth investing in again and again until it worked. I had to decide that I didn’t need the coach’s guarantee, I needed mine. #truth

What it comes down to is your own trust and belief in yourself and what you desire to create in the world.

It also requires releasing any and all shame around past investments that didn’t work and to see they were all guiding you to the investment that will work. 

Waiting until you have the money to invest is giving money the power over you to change when you are the only one who can do that. 

Yes, it’s scary. It’s uncomfortable as hell. It is challenging all your old belief systems, and many of the beliefs systems held by society. 

That is how transformation occurs – higher level awareness combined with new actions.

If you keep investing with a low level mindset, thinking you are broken and this program or coach has the secret formula, then you will continue the same pattern of investing without getting results.

If you continue believing you can’t invest until you have the money, you will continue staying stuck because if you could do it on your own, you would have done it by now. 

When you decide to invest knowing your worth and power and deciding you will be successful, there is no way you will not get results. 

That’s what happened for me. I stopped giving my past investments power over my future success. I chose to invest in a different kind of mentor as a different kind of person – as a woman who demands success and gets it – and everything changed. 

From doing all the things are hearing crickets to 3 DMs and 3 Yeses in 36 hours.

The same is possible for you. ❤️

If you want clients to invest in you, you need to invest in you first. This will squash your own misguided beliefs about the value of working with you which will make the “I got no money” objections go away because they will find a way to get the money – just like you did – because they see they are worth investing in and you are the right mentor to guide them to massive transformation. The ROI will be a no-brainer because of course they will get results – just like you did. 

As it is given, so shall it be received. 💎

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Only if you want that, though. 😊

Check out this video on overcoming money objections.

It’s not about the money.